Happy Birthday America

Today is the Birthday of a Great Nation. We celebrate our independence while the men and women of our Armed Forces help Iraq gain theirs.

We know from our history that freedom is never free and that the only things worth keeping are those that are worth fighting, and if necessary, dying for. Today marks the fourth year since 9/11 that we are able to celebrate our Nation’s birthday. In that time not one attack has occurred on our soil. We are safer today, despite what the left will tell you, because of the strong leadership of our President and the ability of our fighting men and women.

We will continue to fight until all the bad guys are dead. If the left wants a time line then I say we tell them when we are done and not a moment sooner. They might desire to lose face once again. We can not let the left in this country make us look like cowards. We can not let them make us look weak. We can not let John Kerry and his ilk make us look bad like they did during the Vietnam war.

We must remain strong because America will only remain the “Land of the Free” as long as she remains the “Home of the Brave.”

Happy Birthday America!

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