Happy 231st Birthday Army

Today is the birthday of the United States Army. The Army was formed June 14, 1775 and has kept this country free for 231 years. We are all living in the most wonderful country on the face of this planet thanks to the selfless service of the men and women who have accepted the challenge of service.

As a 24 year veteran I am proud of my service and proud to be a soldier. I am not as lean but I am just as mean and still bleed Army green. Happy Birthday Army and thanks for keeping us safe and FREE!

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5 Responses to “Happy 231st Birthday Army”

  1. Wayfarer says:

    Happy Birthday ARMY!!!

    Like you, I’m proud of my 10+ years of service!

    Drive on!

  2. Happy Birthday to the U.S. Army…

    Hat Tip: Stop the ACLU June 14, 1775 – The U.S. Army was formed…231 years ago. Thank you to all that serve and have served in our great military and for keeping us safe. Happy Birthday!

    Big Dog’s Blog writes “As a 24 year veteran I am ……

  3. Wild Thing says:

    Happy Birthday Army and thank you BIG DOG for serving our country.

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  5. Echo9er says:

    US Army — Happy Birthday # 231…

    Army Celebrates 231st Birthday
    By Katisha Draughn
    WASHINGTON (Army News Service, June 12, 2006) – Cake-cutting ceremonies, balls, special concerts and Soldier appreciation days will take place throughout the Army and around the world this week …