Hannity, Blackwell, and The Wench

Here are a few stories from NewsMax.com.

Alec Baldwin v. Sean Hannity in Radio Donnybrook

HANNITY: Alec, I wanted to give you an official WABC welcome considering you were supposed to come on my program last week and you didn’t show up. What happened?

BALDWIN: No, I wasn’t supposed to come on your program, Sean Hannity.

HANNITY: No, actually you were supposed to come on the program because a deal was made with your agent that if you were going to come on with Brian, first you’d come on with me.

BALDWIN: I wouldn’t dream of coming on your program, Sean Hannity. I’m here with Brian. I’m here with a really talented broadcaster.

HANNITY: [Crosstalk] that you are, you don’t tell the truth.

BALDWIN: Why would I want to come on the show with a no-talent, former construction worker hack like you?

This rapidly evolved into a name calling match. The difference? Hannity stayed there and gave it back (Baldwin started the personal attack) but when it got too hot, Baldwin left. He did the favorite move of the moonbats when engaged in battle, CUT AND RUN. Alec Baldwin is a typical liberal twit. He promised to go on Hannity’s show but he was too much of a coward to do so, then when Hannity calls him out for his cowardice he resorts to playground smack and runs away like the wimpy little twit that he is.

Katrina Vanden Heuvel: Tancredo a ‘White Supremacist’

Nation magazine publisher Katrina Vanden Heuvel said Sunday that illegal immigration foe, Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., is animated by a “white supremacist” philosophy – and insisted that illegals are “the backbone of this country.”
Vanden Heuvel predicted that “2006 will be the year of immigrants rising” before adding, “the demonization of immigrants is going to lead to ripping apart the Republican Party.”

Contrary to Vanden Heuvel’s claim, poll after poll on illegal immigration shows that more than two-thirds of Americans favor tougher border enforement.

Here a moonbat uses the left’s favorite tactic, accuse someone of being a racist, or bigot, or any bad thing. She is delusional.

Ohio’s Blackwell Leading By 11 Points

If a new poll is any indication of his vote-pulling power, Ohio’s Ken Blackwell will be his state’s next governor.

A new Columbus Dispatch poll shows that Ohio’s secretary of state, credited with helping President Bush carry Ohio in 2004, has a commanding 11-point lead in his state’s GOP gubernatorial primary race, and even leads by 12 points in his opponent’s former stronghold.

Good news for the GOP. I wonder how long it will take the left to call him an Uncle Tom or Sambo.

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