Hamas Converts Journalist to Islam

In March, a BBC Journalist named Alan Johnston went missing in Gaza. He went missing because the animals of Hamas captured him in violation of generally accepted policies toward members of the media. They have shown Johnston on occasion and he was wearing an orange jumpsuit. Just recently, all this changed when they showed Johnston with an explosives belt around his waist.

“In the past they showed him in an orange uniform. Today they showed him with an explosives belt round his waist,” Haniyeh [prime minister of the Hamas-led government] said.

A Palestinian source close to the negotiations confirmed the existence of a new tape showing Johnston wearing an explosives belt. The tape has not been aired publicly but the contents were shared with Haniyeh. Yahoo News

I told you before that with the Muslims it is either convert to Islam or be killed. It would appear that this journalist has converted to Islam because he is now wearing the traditional garb of the followers of Islam and its child molesting prophet.

Hamas has made Johnston a member of the Religion of Pieces…

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One Response to “Hamas Converts Journalist to Islam”

  1. A true conversion? Hard to believe.