Hamas Beer Is New Way To Get Bombed

It looks like the Palestinians are going to market a Hamas beer. Keeping with the finest traditions of the Muslim world, it will be non-alcoholic. We can’t have those peaceful people getting all liquored up because they might get into fights, riot, burn down buildings, and kill each other. On second thought…..

The beer will not have alcohol and that is really good. You can’t have homicide bombers strapping on a bomb laden vest after they have tossed back a few. Somebody might get hurt. In the Muslim world, getting bombed has a different sort of meaning. Now I don’t drink, not that I have not in the past, but every now and then I toss back a non alcoholic beer. I tell the bar tender to keep them coming until I don’t get drunk. The folks in Palestine on the other hand could probably use a good bender every now and then. It might just make them act more responsibly!

I think the beer should have a clever marketing campaign. Something like “Hamas Beer, because you can’t blow your self up with a buzz on.” Or maybe, “Hamas Beer, the no bang beer for the big bang drinker.”

I think we should make some Jim Jones Kool-Aid and sell it over there. Then those folks will finally live up to their fabled peaceful reputation.

Source: Breitbart.com

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