Hackett Out Of Race

Paul Hackett, the Iraq war veteran who is highly critical of the Bush administration, is out of the Senate race in Ohio. Hackett is a victim of the Democratic Good Ole Boys network who asked him to run and then torpedoed his campaign. Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer, both of whom pushed Hackett to run, were instrumental in creating a whisper campaign to effectively remove the man from the race.

There were questions raised about some pictures that people claim show Hackett abusing Iraqis. As it turns out, Hackett was not the Marine in the photo and the photo only showed Marines unloading body bags, a necessary job. The unfortunate part is that once these types of allegations are made it is hard to get people to believe the truth. Look at all the conspiracy theories that popped up after Cheney’s hunting accident. There will always be idiots who believe that Cheney was drunk and shot his hunting buddy as a warning to Scooter Libby and that his lack of a $7.00 hunting stamp contributed to the accident. Alec Baldwin is one such idiot.

I do not care for Paul Hackett’s politics and it does not hurt my feelings that he is no longer running. I do however, think he got a raw deal. He should have had the opportunity to run and the people of Ohio deserved the opportunity to decide if they wanted him. It is not up to the politicians in Washington to decide who gets office in a state, that right belongs to the people of the state. Hackett found out the hard way that the Democratic party is not his friend. He might believe a lot of the things they do but they do not trust him to fit in at the Senate Club. I personally believe that this is also part of the left’s dislike for the military. The only military “heroes” they worship are those who trump up minor injuries to come home early or call for the immediate withdrawal of our troops.

When Hackett narrowly lost the last election in Ohio Howard Dean proclaimed a victory. It seems that the donks have lost so much they do not know the difference. They were all aglow over Hackett’s showing and he was going to be their next bright young star. I wonder what this unceremonious dumping says about the Democratic party. It tells me they will say anything to look good and will crap on their own in order to push an agenda.

Source: Mother Jones

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