Gun Makers Spared Lawsuits

The Congress passed a bill keeping gun makers from bring sued if their products are used illegally. The measure passed by a nearly 2-1 margin and the President is expected to sign the bill into law. Anyone who reads this site knows I support our Second Amendment rights. This bill also indirectly effects those rights in that manufacturers will no longer be worried about being sued for actions for which they are not responsible. We do not sue car makers if their product is used by a drunk driver, we do not sue most makers of products unless they are responsible for some flaw that causes injury.

Even though the bill is a good one, of course there are those who are unhappy. Here is a quote from the news piece:

Reaction from critics of the bill includes this comment by Kristen Rand of the Violence Policy Center. She says it “will make the unregulated gun industry the most pampered industry in America.”

Actually, the film nd television industry and the actors are probably the most pampered. The gun industry has been cast as the devil by most anti gun organizations. They still refuse to recognize and target criminals as the root of the problem. This is a victory for the gun industry and though many bad things came out of Katrina, the lawlessness and rioting probably weighed on people’s minds. Perhaps Americans are starting to realize that the government can not protect you. It is up to the individual to make sure he is protected.

Read the story at WBAL.

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