Gun Free Chicago Has Another Mass Shooting

If gun control worked then Obama’s Chicago should be the safest place in the world because it is nearly impossible for law abiding citizens to get a gun. However, Chicago is now the top murder city in America topping New York which has three times as many people.

The latest mass shooting took place last evening just after 10 pm. Thirteen people including a 3 year old boy were shot at the basketball courts in a neighborhood called Back of the Yards.

I do not know what they were all doing at the basketball courts this late unless they were participating in the midnight basketball program that liberals said would reduce crime. But it might have been a block party. What was a 3 year old doing there at that late hour? Not blaming the victims I am just asking.

How in the world did this happen? Very few people in Chicago have guns and a carry permit is as rare as an honest politician. Police believe the shootings were gang related so it is safe to assume that none of the guns were obtained legally and none of them were registered (unless they were stolen from the registered owner).

Do you mean to tell me that the gang bangers, you know criminals, did not obey the gun laws? Well perhaps if we had passed EVEN tougher gun laws like say, background checks this would not have happened (background checks are already required).

Right, because criminals would submit to a background check. Criminals do not buy guns from sources that require background checks. Private sales are supposed to have a background check and selling guns without doing them is illegal which would make the gun seller as much of a criminal as the buyer. So it is reasonable to conclude that this was not some issue where the check was not completed when it otherwise could have. It is obvious the guns used were from an illegal source, obtained illegally and sold illegally.

Well hell, that never happens. I mean it is not like Barack Obama and Eric holder were illegally shipping firearms to other countries. It is not like New York police officers have ever been caught smuggling guns in and selling them. It just could not happen.

Heroin is illegal to buy, sell, or use and yet people buy, sell, and use it each and every day. So laws banning something do not stop people from doing what is illegal.

Laws banning guns do not stop people from using guns for violence. Chicago is a prime example as was demonstrated last night.

This will not stop the gun grabbers from trying to impose more gun control. For some reason whenever a criminal uses a gun illegally the gun grabbers want to disarm those of us who had nothing to do with it.

Chicago is an example of what happens in every place where guns are banned. The cities in America with the highest rates of violence with guns are the ones with the toughest gun control.

Gun control does not work. If the daughter of the Former PM of the UK can be held at gunpoint in a nation that collected nearly all the guns and made owning them illegal then gun control does not work.

The reality is this is not a call for gun control it is a call for people control.

Once they have the guns they can control the people. Think the tyranny is bad now?

Wait until they do not fear you as an armed free person…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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