Gun Control Would Prevent This

Here is a story from the Sun UK. I copied the entire piece because there is no link to it. It tells of several shooting and a couple of deaths because of gun violence. If only there were gun laws to prevent this sort of thing…

A MAN was killed and another critically injured in a suspected gangland shooting on New Year’s Eve.

The murder victim, 26, was sitting in a parked car with three men when the killer strode up and fired a hail of bullets at them.

A third man cheated death when a bullet grazed his head and a fourth emerged unscathed.

The terrified pals drove to hospital following the 5.30pm carnage in Crumpsall, Manchester. The 26-year-old died shortly afterwards. His 27-year-old pal was seriously ill in hospital last night with wounds to his back.

The gunman, who fled the quiet suburban road on foot, was still at large last night. Another man aged 42 was blasted in the back in an unrelated shooting at 6.30pm on New Year’s Eve in Trafford, Manchester. Four men were arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.

A 23-year-old reveller also survived being stabbed in the throat in the city’s Rusholme area.

And in Anfield, Liverpool, a man aged 28 was shot in the stomach.

Oh wait, the UK has very strict gun laws. My friends over there told me how they had to turn their guns in (they were reimbursed) so that gun crimes would drop. Looks like the people who break the law did not get the memo or they ignored the law. Imagine that!

Gun control laws do not stop gun crimes because people who would obey the law are not the ones who would use guns to commit crimes in the first place. Too bad people are not bright enough to see this. Politicians know it is true but they also know that an armed citizenry is a free one and they want to be able to impose their will on us so they are trying to get rid of the guns. This is particularly true of Democrats who want to have us work to provide money for them so they can administer every aspect of our lives.

The UK, gun free and even more dangerous.

Big Dog

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