Gun Control is so Effective it Kills

New York City has the second most stringent gun control laws in the US second only to Washington DC. The news is always full of stories about how people with guns in these cities have killed someone. Yet the liberals believe that the solution to the problem is more of what does not work. They are always demanding more gun control. Baltimore is banning BB guns because some of them look real and criminals use them. How about punishing the criminals who used them? Maryland is on a kick to get rid of “assault” rifles when most crimes are committed by handguns and are committed by people who are not supposed to have a gun. Nearly all legal gun owners are law abiding citizens and they do not use their guns for crime.

The anti-gun lobby is gunning for Maryland by claiming that an assault weapon is linked to crime in Maryland every 48 hours. This is extrapolated from data provided by law enforcement. They do not say what linked to crime means so realistically if a person reports that his home was broken in to and the police see he owns an assault weapon, they could say it was linked to crime. It is all smoke and mirrors. In Maryland’s rural counties there are hardly any crimes involving guns. The murder rate by gun is low and in some cases fewer than 10 a year. But gun grabbers will punish the law abiding citizens who live in these areas because government is unable, or more accurately unwilling, to put people who use guns in the commission of a crime in jail. Hell, Maryland is trying to ban the death penalty. The argument is that it does not deter criminals. neither does a 5 year sentence for robbery but we still impose the punishment.

In New York, a man shot and killed a citizen and two auxiliary police officers and killed them before he was killed by police. How did this happen in a city where guns are banned and only the elite (including those who oppose gun ownership) can get a carry permit. The facts are that gun control does not work.

When people are allowed to exercise their Second Amendment rights and when those rights are protected as diligently as those of the First Amendment, then this country will be a safer place.


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3 Responses to “Gun Control is so Effective it Kills”

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  2. Ray says:

    I guess a lot of you haven’t heard that “When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.”

    This laws are in-acted to erode your freedoms, to make you rely on the state for protection, we all know that a criminal is not going to throw his gun away because he thinks he is breaking the law.

    Get real, any research by anyone that has half a brain will reveal that the countries that have the most strict gun laws , have the highest murder rates.

    Makes sense to me- Guns laws are good to protect the criminals, and to give the criminals peace of mind in knowing the victim, a law abiding citizen has nothing to shoot back with .

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