Guantanamo Suicide Was A Ruse To Attack

The attempted suicide that guards at Guantanamo tried to stop which resulted in a fight was actually a coordinated attack by the peaceful people the world says we are holding against their will. Early reports indicated that the guards were trying to prevent a suicide and were attacked but it is now being reported that the terrorists planned it that way. They spread feces and soap on the floor to make it slippery and then faked a suicide. When the guards went in to prevent the suicide they were attacked. At one point they were losing the fight but then they used shotguns that launched rubber balls and a grenade launcher that shot big rubber balls. These weapons allowed them to subdue the attackers.

I want to know why they used rubber. They should have been using real bullets and shot and killed the people who most certainly would have killed them if they had succeeded. Rubber ball wounds heal and allow the terrorists to plan another attack. This does clear up a few things though. These people are not innocent as the ACLU and others claim. They are ruthless killers who will stop at nothing to kill Americans. Now there is no question they broke a law (assaulting the guards) and they need to remain locked up. Maybe we can add conspiracy to commit assault and throw some terror related charge at them as well. In any event, all the apologists out there who have been crying about these guys can now shut up.

I only wish they had used real bullets when they shot the trouble makers. The only good terrorist is a dead terrorist.

Source: My Way News

Stop the ACLU

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