Great Life Lesson For A Child

Seems that a mother got upset with her daughter’s performance in school. The girl was frequently late, disrespectful to teachers and got bad grades. The girl’s mother tried many things to gain her daughter’s cooperation but nothing worked, that is until:

She made Coretha stand at a busy Oklahoma City intersection Nov. 4 with a cardboard sign that read: “I don’t do my homework and I act up in school, so my parents are preparing me for my future. Will work for food.”

Now to many out there, including the so called experts cited in the article, this will be seen as something that hurts the child’s self esteem. It will make her feel bad and that is just not right. The experts said her mother should reward the good behavior and that will make it all right.

This pablum is why kids are the way they are. There are universal opposites and without one you can not appreciate the other. Without sorrow you would not know joy, without pain you would not know pleasure. Well without punishing bad behavior you will not know what good behavior is. Too often the experts tell us that we do not want to hurt self esteem so children are coddled through school and then when they have to make it in the real world they get a rude awakening. Bosses don’t give a rip about how you feel if you are not performing they let you know. Our current system sets children up for failure and gives us people who expect that everything they do in life will be OK because they tried.

What are the results of this mother’s punishment?

Coretha, a soft-spoken girl, acknowledged the punishment was humiliating but said it got her attention. “I won’t talk back,” she said quietly, hanging her head.

She already has been forced by her parents to give up basketball and track because of slipping grades, and said she hopes to improve in school so she can play next year.

Imagine that! Mom got her daughter’s attention and the girl wants to do better. This is why parents remain responsible for their children regardless of what the 9th US Circus Court thinks.


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