Great Day in DC; Not a Moonbat in Sight

I spent most of the day in DC for the Rolling Thunder/Gathering of Eagles event. There were tens of thousands of patriots there showing their support for our troops. I got to meet up with Kit Jarrell again and met some new folks who were really nice. I took some pictures and hope to get a few up later but Skye took a picture of me and Kit that you can see here.

I have been to two events this year and it always humbles me to be around so many men and women who have given a great deal to this country even when this country has often not been so generous. These same folks have an undying love for this country and for each other and would do anything to keep it free. I always enjoy the company of people like this and wonder why it is that the people in our Congress work so hard to undo all the good that our veterans have done for this country.

One thing missing from DC were the moonbats. Usually one can see them prancing around with their communist and anti-American signs. Today the place was filled with those who made DC possible, not those who would tear it down.

God bless our troops, our veterans and their families, those who support them, and God bless the USA.

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3 Responses to “Great Day in DC; Not a Moonbat in Sight”

  1. TexasFred says:

    Kit looked nice, what was that standing beside her??

  2. Robert says:

    Good job BD, I wish I could make it to every one of the GOE events… I made it to one and that will have to do for now. I know you held down the fort for all of us that couldn’t attend.

  3. bj1 says:

    This is something Id like to bring to everyones attention.
    I have a sinking feeling about this directive Bush signed.Heres a sample from WND: President Bush has signed a directive granting extraordinary powers to the office of the president in the event of a declared national emergency, apparently without congressional approval or oversight.

    The “National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive” was signed May 9, notes Jerome R. Corsi in a WND column.
    To me this means in my opinion I think our pres. is going to do that very thing before long. He will use this directive to okay this Amnesty bill , put into effect the UNCLOS as a UN treaty, begin the Security and Prosperity Partnership Of North America , and with a new currency, the euro.. Also build the North American Super Corrider , open up the borders of Mexico and Canada .
    I firmly believe that this is why our pres. has passed this Directive For Emergencies. He wants to leave all this as his legacy. If he does this, he will go down in history as the president that brought down the US with one pen stroke. bj1