Government Shutdown Is To Inconvenience You

The Democrats shut down the government because they are inflexible and are unwilling to negotiate. Barack Obama said he would not negotiate on the budget or the debt ceiling which is interesting. You see, he has labeled the people with whom he disagrees terrorists and those seem to be the only people he will actually negotiate with.

The Democrats wanted the government to shut down. The Republicans did not which is why the Republicans funded every part of the government except Obamacare. Democrats refused to fund the government (all of which would have been) if Obamacare was not part of it. They are lock step with Barack Hussein Obama.

Make no mistake the Democrats wanted the government shut down. The conventional wisdom is that this benefits them in the next election. Democrats are all for anything to win elections no matter what it costs or who it hurts so it is reasonable to conclude they wanted the shutdown to win the next election.

To make matters worse the Democrats, through their supreme leader Obama, have worked to make the shutdown as troublesome as possible. They are deliberately using the shutdown as a reason to screw with people even if it is not necessary to apply the shutdown to specific areas.

Here are a few examples:

The monuments in DC are closed to the public. Many of them are in open areas and are not regularly staffed. They are patrolled by the Park Police and those police officers are still on duty because they are deemed essential. So what has changed? Nothing. The monuments are still in open areas where people roam about each and every day. They are not manned so there is no difference and they are patrolled like they are every other day. The government spent money to erect barriers in places where, on any other given day, people walk about without government workers manning a station. The monuments are in the open at night. They are in the open on weekends. They are in the open each and every day and yet Barack Obama has closed them with barricades and the only reason is to inconvenience people.

World War II veterans who showed up to see the WWII Memorial moved the barricades and proceeded to the monument. I somehow doubt the people who fought that war are intimidated by barriers that serve no purpose other than to harass and inconvenience people.

There are more Park Police at these things now than there are when the government is fully funded and not on shutdown. Why?

A Virginia Park that receives absolutely NO government money has been shutdown. The Claude Moore Colonial Farm has been ordered to shut down until the government reaches a budget deal. The problem here is that the park receives no money to operate and the people who work there are volunteers or people not paid by the federal government. Managing Director Anna Eberly hits the nail on the head:

“You do have to wonder about the wisdom of an organization that would use staff they don’t have the money to pay to evict visitors from a park site that operates without costing them any money,”

How else are the Democrats causing undue harm? They are closing down the military commissaries. For those unfamiliar commissaries are the grocery stores located on military bases where authorized patrons shop. Items are sold at cost plus 5% and save authorized patrons a lot of money. Only 2% of the commissary budget is appropriated. The other 98% comes from the 5% surcharge and that money is what pays for the system.

The only congressionally appropriated money spent in the three exchange systems comes in the form of utilities and transportation of merchandise to overseas exchanges and for military salaries. A non-appropriated fund activity (NAF) of the Department of Defense, the exchange services fund 98% of their operating budgets (civilian employee salaries, inventory investments, utilities and capital investments for equipment, vehicles and facilities) from the sale of merchandise, food and services to customers.

Considering the military must work through the shutdown does it not make sense to ensure their support services are available?

Well we can’t have that. The Democrats need to make this tough on everyone and the fact they get to screw the military is a plus. Barack Obama hates the military so this is a way for him to stick it to them. He knows that a huge majority of the service members do not like him, do not think like him and have no respect for him so he cares not if they are screwed as long as they protect him, fly him and carry his freaking bags…

At least Obama might not be able to play golf…

It is a crying shame that the commissaries will close and service members will have to shop in the local community when welfare recipients will still get money to purchase food. In a proper world those takers would be denied money and the military would be supported.

Those are just a few things that are evidence of a deliberate effort to make this shutdown as painful as possible. The Democrats did that with sequester when they implemented all kinds of things that hurt people. It was obvious then and it is obvious now.

The DNC is 17 MILLION dollars in debt while the RNC is MILLIONS in the black. The Democrats run their business like they run the country’s business, into the ground. The RNC has offered to pay to keep the WWII Memorial open. Which party do you want managing your money?

There is no doubt that all of this is by design and it is likely that they left wants to incite riots and civil unrest so that it can take drastic measures to control the population. That would fulfill the Obama dream of fundamentally transforming this nation into a socialist country.

Fortunately, he was unable to disarm people before this all took place. If the feces hits the rotating cooling device look for armed patriots to restore order and defend against government tyranny.

Like those WWII veterans demonstrated there is no barrier that we cannot overcome. There is no barrier government can erect that will stop us.

And that goes for any barriers anywhere government erects them….

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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