Government Red Faced Over Redskins

The federal government’s patent office removed the Washington Redskins’ trademark protection in a move that Harry Reid says will force the team to change its name. There is no doubt this is politically motivated and the government is intruding on things it has no business in. The government did this before but the Redskins won on appeal and kept their trademark.

If the patent office will remove trademarks because the name or logo might be offensive then there is a lot of work to be done. They need to work hard to get Notre Dame to change from being the “Fighting Irish” and there are a number of high school teams named Redskins so don’t waste time Congress, hop to it.

It is not like anything important is happening in the world that could use your attention.

I imagine it is long past time for Red Man tobacco to get its comeuppance and have its trademark removed. Unless, of course, the big tobacco money is making its way to politicians…

If I were the owner of the Redskins I would change my logo to the red potato and keep the name redskins. Then I would cancel any elite ticket plans held by members of Congress and NEVER allow them to attend my games unless they paid and sat in the regular seats with everyone else. No more owner’s box or VIP box for them.

The Patent Office removed the trademark because, it claims, a majority of Native Americans find it offensive. There is no actual reliable information to support that claim but that is what the action was based on.

I am a white person and I think it is high time Nabisco lose its patent for Saltines. I am offended that they are called crackers…

As for the Redskins, I do not think Congress belongs involved. If people do not like the name then they don’t have to go to the games or watch on TV. Most people probably don’t pay much attention to the issue of the team’s name but if we want to ensure the name of the team is ignored by politicians perhaps they could be renamed:

The Washington Federal Deficits.

Maybe the owner can just move the team someplace else (whether he is forced to change the name or not) and remove all the offensive revenue the team generates for DC.

Regardless, it is long past time for the word Washington to be removed from the name because more people are offended by Washington than Redskin.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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