Government Profiling?

If the government has a hunch that a person who looks Middle Eastern is up to no good and stops that person at the airport or as he crosses the border the Muslim groups (I know, not all Middle eastern people are Muslim) and the liberal PC crowd scream about racial profiling. Never mind the fact that Middle Eastern is not a race, the fact is people who do not fit the demographics of a terrorist are stopped and checked while those who fit the demographics of most who have committed acts of terror are waved through.

But the federal government, the one that is loathe to be associated with “racial” profiling (remember, it is not a race) has no problem taking the electronic devices of people, on a hunch, and copying all the information on those devices.

The government is arguing that is should have the right to take YOUR property and copy YOUR information to see if you have child pornography or information indicating you are a terrorist (or support terror) based on a hunch.

In other words, if you look like someone who might have that stuff on your electronic device the government thinks it has the right to take your stuff and copy it without a warrant or probable cause.

You see, if you LOOK like the people responsible for most of the terror we can’t profile you but if they have a hunch your electronics might have something illegal on them then they can stop you and take your stuff and copy it.

The government is out of control. Without probable cause they have no reason to search your stuff. If they do not have enough cause to get a warrant then they do not have enough cause to search your stuff, period.

The government is busy collecting information from Google and Verizon (while forbidding them from informing you your information is being released) without warrants, Eric Holder is snooping in the emails and phone records of reporters, the IRS is harassing conservative groups and the NSA is collecting phone records by the millions each day.

We live in a country that is rapidly becoming a totalitarian state where Big Brother snoops in all of our business. We are subject to more harassment than citizens of Germany in the 1930s.

This is a violation of our constitutionally protected rights and it needs to stop. We cannot allow them to do this and we can’t allow the courts to let them do it. Even if they pass some law or the court says it is OK it is NOT.

Everything Hitler did was legal under German law.

That did not make it right.

Take a stand America. It is time to abolish the IRS and severely limit the size, scope and power of the government.

And it is time to kick the bums out of office (and preferably to a jail cell).

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Government Profiling?”

  1. Blake says:

    As if this is a surprise- I perdicted this awhile back, and one of my more liberal friends said this wouldn’t happen, that obammy swore to uphold the Constitution. I laughed, and my friend refused any further communications with me- until last night, when he called to apologize.
    Ithink he might be on the way to becoming conservative.
    A conservative is a liberal who’s been mugged- and this is a mugging.