Government Jobs

So, did you see Obama make his opinion clear on government jobs? To him, these government jobs (most of which he, personally created) are more important that private sector jobs.

That really tells you a LOT about Obama.

Keep in mind this factual information:

1. Government cannot create anything. Literally anything government does takes from working people. Every single government job, no matter how small or large, it paid for with taxpayer money, taken by force. Government does not contribute to any increase in the economy, as government can only consume.
2. Non-government jobs and companies are the only ones who can actually create anything. All that they create is suppressed and reduced by government payments and restrictions.

So Obama thinks that government jobs are more important than private sector jobs. If that’s the case, why don’t we just get rid of all private jobs and have the government hire everyone? Oh, right, because then there would be no one left to pay for the government. But hey, Obama’s position goes along with that of his followers — they believe that if you are not part of government, you’re part of the problem.

The more I read, the more I watch, and the more I learn, the more I understand freedom — and this government is the opposite of freedom. Government jobs SHOULD be worth less (they are nearly all worthless). There should be fewer government jobs, not more. We have a serious problem when government jobs pay more and provide more benefits than private sector jobs — the private sector cannot compete with the government because private sector jobs have to actually make money to pay their people — the government just prints more money and honestly doesn’t give a damn how much anything costs.

No, it is not honorable to have a government job. Instead, it is dishonorable. People should be ashamed if they’re working for the government, because that means they’re accepting blood money from people who cannot afford it, and they’re contributing to the rapid decline of this country through fiat money inflation.

But sadly, there are a large number of people who won’t listen, won’t believe, won’t understand, and wont’ want to hear what I’m saying. Sadly, those people will continue to suck at the government teat until the government collapses upon itself, and they won’t care who they hurt to get their money. After all, “they’re just doing their job.”

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10 Responses to “Government Jobs”

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  2. Adam says:

    “People should be ashamed if they’re working for the government…”

    So does this apply only to federal jobs or state and local jobs as well?

    • Eoj Trahneir says:

      I would say it applies to ALL Jobs that do not actually produce a net increase in wealth.
      Understand? If you happen to be a teacher in say, just for example, political science, or maybe sexual orientation, social perversion acceptance, or liberal philosophy studies, then your job, since it does not produce a product that contributes to net increase of wealth, should be cut. If there are fools that will pay you for that, that’s fine; they can pay you.

      But the government shouldn’t be using tax money for anything that doesn’t benefit society.
      Liberals, proving they are unfit to govern for 158 years and counting.

    • Blake says:

      ANY government job, Adam- or haven’t you seen the city workers, four of them leaning on shovels, all watching raptly as one person is obviously teaching them how to dig- but all of them making more than they should, all because some union says they are worth that much, all while charging these “workers” dues that the top union geeks spend as they wish. Talk about a crime-

  3. Eoj Trahneir says:

    Listen, it isn’t the Police, or firemen, etc that are “bad,” and don’t try to put idiot’s words here try and pass as conscious thought.

    The government is union. And the combination of government plus union is the problem. No accountability and no way for us, the people who have to pay them, to fire the one’s that should be fired. We can’t hurry them if they are slow. We can’t redirect them from stupid duty to smart duty.
    Yet we pay them. We are their boss in every way except we can’t tell them anything, or do what bosses should be able to do; kick out those that are failures.
    You say police are bad, and that may be true. But I know for a fact that not all people on the police payroll are cops. There are bookkeepers, janitors, managers, all the people that make any organization.

    And the people have no oversight. Zero power.

    If the union is protecting people from exploitation, hey! That is a valid reason. But no one (except you) can say government workers are exploited! $100,000 a year bus drivers…yeah, tell me about the suffering.

    And none of them produce wealth. No product. No net gain in the GNP. Talk about a class of people that needs to be protected…ha ha.

    Adam, is it true, you are a government social worker, like they say? How does it feel to be the most useless species of human on the planet?

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