Government Defines AR 15 As Suitable For Personal Defense

The term assault weapon is a manufactured term applied to firearms that the anti gun crowd finds scary. The state and federal government’s anti gun folks and their stenographers in the media use this term to demonize those who own them. This is why you hear the term assault weapon whenever an AR 15 is used. They want you to think that this is some magical firearm that can be used to kill more people than a firearm that is not designated as an assault weapon.

The anti gun (which means anti Constitution) crowd banned these firearms in the past. The bans were based on cosmetic items and had nothing to do with functionality. Any firearm that did not have the cosmetic items but fired exactly the same was not an assault weapon.

Bans do not work. Columbine happened in the middle of the last ban.

One of the cosmetic items is a bayonet lug (for non gun folks that is the part of the firearm that allows a bayonet to be attached). This item makes a firearm an assault weapon despite Barack Obama’s assertion that we have not used bayonets in about 100 years.

When people who own these scary firearms say they use them to hunt and for personal protection the anti gun folks say that no one needs an AR 15. These firearms, we are told, are only suitable for the battlefield or for the police. Taking the battlefield argument out of it (despite what we have been told, America is not an actual battlefield) why do the police, the people who interact with citizens in America, get to have them? If the people do not need them then neither do the police.

Hell, the very same people who tell us that items that are suitable ONLY for the battlefield should not be on American streets are all too happy to have police departments and government law enforcement agencies patrolling around in vehicles designed for battle with people who carry weapons designed for battle.

But I digress.

The gun grabbers say your AR style firearm is not a personal defense weapon.

However, the government has designated these types of firearms as suitable for that very purpose. In fact, a DHS solicitation for 7000 select fire weapons (semi automatic AND fully automatic) indicates that the department solicited for 5.56mm NATO select-fire firearm suitable for personal defense

If the firearm the DHS will use is suitable for personal defense then the civilian model of that firearm is certainly suitable for the same purpose.

Those of us with a brain already knew this and can see the hypocrisy of the words used in the solicitation.

The Second Amendment protects our right to keep and bear arms and that Amendment does not define what those arms shall be. SCOTUS rulings have already made it clear that firearms protected under the 2A are those with a military function and our Founders made it clear that citizens were to be allowed arms equal to those used by a standing army to ensure we had the ability to fight our government should it become tyrannical.

Politicians at all levels of government have limited authority to define what kind of firearms free people may possess. It does not matter what they like or feel the 2A is clear. Government has no authority to limit the number of rounds one can buy or the number of rounds a magazine can hold. It has no authority to ban or confiscate firearms that it does not like.


Our Founders protected our right because of the very things we are seeing today.

It would be unwise for any government to try and disarm us. DHS knows it because it has purchased 7000 personal defense firearms to fight the people with dangerous assault weapons. /snark

The government is setting up the perfect storm and it is preparing for the unrest it is encouraging. The government has purchased many more firearms than this and has purchased over a billion rounds of ammo. That is enough to wage a war the scare of Iraq at the highest level of ammo expenditure for 30 years.

Any question about what they are planning?

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog



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2 Responses to “Government Defines AR 15 As Suitable For Personal Defense”

  1. Blake says:

    The 2A was formed to protect us from a “Tyrannical Govt.”- sound familiar? I think we have one now.

  2. Blake says:

    Not to mention that the billions of .40 caliber ammo is banned from warfare by the Geneva Convention, but seems to be OK for putting down “civilian insurrection”- way to go, Tyrant Barry the I.