Gov. Schwarzenegger (RINO-CA) on Global Warming Hoax

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (RINO-CA) is criticizing the Bush Administration for failing to recognize global warming and for not acting on it because the Chinese and Indians did not act. Schwarzenegger’s remarks came after the EPA decided not to pursue further action against global warming during the Bush presidency. It would appear as if the Terminator has swallowed the global warming Kool-Aid by the barrel.

Hey Arnold, what science exists that proves global warming is a man made issue? How do you explain the warming and cooling cycles that the Earth has experienced for centuries, long before man was emitting huge amounts of carbon? How do you explain the fact that warming and cooling coincide with sunspot activity and finally, how do we explain the global warming that the planet Mars has experienced since no life has been discovered there and humans certainly do not live there?

What exactly would you and the global warming toadies have us do about a problem that man has very little to do with? There is very little evidence to suggest that mankind is responsible for the warming trend that is taking place just as there was no evidence that mankind was responsible for the cooling trend that took place. The Earth has heated and cooled for centuries and will continue to do so even if all life on it ceased to exist.

Global warming scientists make money from research on that very subject and it is unlikely they will dispute it since the subject gives them a paycheck. Global warming is a huge money making venture for Al Gore and others who sell carbon offsets to idiots who have more money than brains. The government has jumped on the global warming bandwagon to show people how green we can be and many companies are trying to out-green each other. It costs a lot of money and is a wasted effort. Al Gore and all the green celebrities use more electricity and fossil fuels than most people will in a lifetime. They can’t be taking it too seriously because they are laughing all the way to the bank.

Arnold finished by telling the reporter how far ahead of the country California was in the effort to combat global warming:

He also highlighted the strides taken by California to counter global warming.

“I’m very happy that California is in the forefront,” he said. “We are very aggressive. We have made a commitment to roll back our greenhouse gas emissions to the 1990 level … We didn’t wait for Washington. I just felt that the administration and the federal government have been terrific partners in a lot of things for us and we have worked together very well, but environmental issues was not one of them.” Political Radar [ABC]

California has all those movie studios and sets that blow things up and burn things down. They continue to produce TV shows and movies that emit tons of pollutants into the air. Has anyone shut them down yet? California also has a huge problem with wildfires right now. These were caused by lightning and have been burning for weeks. The amount of pollution [or greenhouse gases if you will] released into the atmosphere is more than some small countries will emit in decades. If one were to believe that man causes global warming where do we put the blame for this?

How exactly is California in the forefront when it blows up and burns stuff to make money and every time one turns around the place is on fire?

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a RINO. He is a Republican by registration but he is not conservative by any means. He has bought into the global warming hoax and wants his state as well as the country to spend money on something that is, as yet, unproven and certainly not attributable to man. Of course, Arnold is not alone, just listen to John McCain and some of the others. It is amazing what kinds of scams people will fall for.

Arnold made a lot of films where things blew up or burned and he flies back and forth to work everyday (or did until recently). How exactly does that make him any different than the rest of the “do as I say and not as I do” elitists who run this country?

Big Dog

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  3. Big Dog says:

    The global warminator, now that is funny!

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