GOP Should Not Cave In On Taxes

Barack Obama is certain that the GOP will cave and raise tax rates on the wealthy, defined as those who make more than 250k a year. He might be right because the GOP has a history of caving in. For some reason the party has not figured out it will get blamed no matter what and it continues to try to appease and give up in hope that people will like them and not blame them.

Who gives a rip how people perceive you? If you don’t cave and things get better Obama will get credit and the GOP will be seen as obstructionists. If they cave and Obama gets what he wants and things do not improve the GOP will be blamed. We know this is how it has been throughout history and we also know that Obama is not capable of taking responsibility. He blames everyone but himself for any problem (but he takes all credit for anything good).

Let’s make it clear right now. Barack Obama does not care one iota about doing what is best for the country. His focus is on destroying the GOP. He wants to make political moves that will paint the GOP into a corner so he can score points and he cares not how it affects the nation.

If the GOP caves and raises tax rates on the wealthy then Obama will portray it as an admission from the right that the lower tax rates enacted under George Bush (but only the ones on the rich) were the reason for the fiscal problems. He will say that the Republicans are admitting to it and that is why they had to raise the tax rates. This is already the narrative as Obama claims things were wonderful under Bill Clinton when tax rates were higher. He does not realize that the Clinton years were sleight of hand. He also fails to see that everyone had higher tax rates and that spending was much lower. We still spent too much and we still had deficits but they were nowhere near as bad as they are now.

The Obama plan will net maybe about 100 billion a year over ten years. We are over budget by more than a TRILLION dollars a year (and have been each year of Obama’s occupation). The math does not add up. Obama wants a ten year tax increase equal to the amount he is over budget in a single year.

The problem is not the amount of money coming in; it is the amount going out that is the problem.

We could raise revenue by lowering tax rates on corporations and making a more favorable environment for them to hire employees. If we get millions of people working again then there will be millions more people paying taxes. If we revised the tax code to institute a flat tax then everyone would pay a fair share for the country and everyone would have, to quote Barack Obama, skin in the game.

Half of wage earners pay no federal taxes and the top half pay for the nation. Yes, those in the bottom pay state taxes (in some states) and they pay Social Security and Medicare. Those are called taxes but the reason these programs were started was as a way for people to save for their own retirement. They have morphed into social programs that are nothing more than Ponzi schemes. In any event, these taxes are levied on people for their own retirement. An 11% tax on all earnings from all wage earners could pay the bills and eliminate the need to collect a separate SS and Medicare tax.

The GOP should not cave on this issue. Who cares about the fiscal cliff? The people in Congress along with Barack Obama decided two years ago that they would strike a deal that would force the sides to come together and work something out or draconian cuts would take place and taxes would increase on everyone. Well, they played games, worried about the election and ignored the issue for two years. Now the table is set and the conditions they ALL agreed to are about to come to fruition.

Let them. No deal is better than a bad deal, period.

Let the taxes on everyone go up. Let the SS tax go back to where it was. Cut Defense and let budget cuts across the government take place. Everyone will be affected and those who voted for Obama can feel the pain along with everyone else.

While we are at it we can turn off all the Obamaphones to save some money.

The GOP is worried about how it will be perceived by people not in its base if it does not cave in and let Obama raise the tax rates of the wealthy.

It better worry about how the base will react if the tax rates go up. Tick off the base and you will never win again no matter how many Democrats you make happy.

Ask John McCain how pleasing Democrats works out…

The low information entitlement Obama voters will never support Republicans. That would require work, thought and the ability to learn.

Keep in mind that Romney lost because he said that his plan would put people to work. 51% of the voters said the hell with that and voted to ride the gravy train of welfare.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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