GOP Senators Need To Go Nuclear As Well

Only a few years ago Harry Reid, Barack Obama, and a host of other Democrats railed at the GOP proposal for the nuclear option. The so called nuclear option is designed to take away the filibuster and make it so only a simple majority is required for actions the Senate takes. In this case the issue was over judicial (except the Supreme Court) and presidential cabinet appointments and Democrats went nuts. The reason this came up was because Democrats were blocking the people George Bush wanted to appoint.

The Republicans eventually sat down and compromised with Democrats to avoid the nuclear option.

Joe Biden was one who screamed that he hoped to God when his party was in power it did not do what the Republicans wanted to do (exercise the nuclear option).

Well, the Democrats are in power in the Senate and last week they exercised the nuclear option. They grew tired of Republicans delaying and blocking the radicals Obama tried to appoint and those who he is trying to stack in the judiciary. Harry Reid and all the others (still serving) who lamented the end of the Republic when the GOP wanted to exercise the nuclear option gleefully voted for it. Barack Obama expressed his happiness that it was done even though he vehemently opposed it before.

Republicans in the Senate need to demonstrate testicular fortitude and exercise a nuclear option of their own. The Senate still requires unanimous consent for items to proceed and it requires 60 votes for cloture. Republicans should deny both. No matter what the issue is from immigration reform to naming a post office the Republicans should effectively shut down the Senate by refusing unanimous consent and it should ensure that there are never 60 votes for cloture.

The Republican leadership should tell Harry Reid that nothing else will get accomplished until the rules are changed back and any appointments made under the nuclear option are negated. The Republicans need to stand firm and ensure NOTHING takes place in the Senate. Without the Senate no bills can be passed and no budgets can be passed. Government will come to a halt until Reid gives in.

Eventually Reid will either capitulate or make the move to change the rules so that a simple majority is needed to get cloture or for bills to proceed.

If he changes the rules further then 2014 plays a big part of history. If the Republicans take the Senate back they will have free will to do a lot of things and if a Republican wins the White House in 2016 then Obamacare can be repealed by a simple majority vote.

Democrats took another step toward complete tyranny by exercising the nuclear option but Republicans can lob nukes of their own.

But only if they grow a spine.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “GOP Senators Need To Go Nuclear As Well”

  1. pa says:

    “But only if they grow a spine.”

    Like that will happen.