GOP Is Not Shutting Down DHS

Barack Obama and the Democrats are.

The last budget deal funded everything except the DHS through the end of the fiscal year (ends 30 September 2015). DHS was funded through the end of February because of one thing and that is Barack Obama’s unlawful Executive Order on illegal immigrants. Obama is moving forward with his plan to allow millions of illegals to receive some sort of legal status and of course, all the benefits that American taxpayers can provide.

The Republicans funded DHS short term so they could work the issue out. Democrats do not want to work things out and are now crying about the things they used to do and are doing the things they used to cry about.

Democrats say the DHS should not be held hostage because of immigration and that the issue should be a separate issue in a separate bill. Really? They loved to put bad things in must pass bills to force Republicans to vote for them when they were in charge.

They are also filibustering in the Senate. They hated it when Republicans did so and decried the party of NO. Now they are the party of NO and are doing the very thing they said was wrong to do.

I have no problems with either party using whatever parliamentary procedures they can legally use. This is how politics work. But it is hypocritical for either party to do one thing and cry later when the same thing is done by “the other guy.”

As far as I am concerned they can shut down the DHS until Obama and his illegal actions are stopped. We did not have a DHS prior to 2001 and we survived up until then. Shut them down for as long as it takes to force Obama to stop violating his oath and OUR Constitution.

Nancy Pelosi is telling people what is right and wrong with all of this as if she actually has a clue. She lacks a brain and should be in jail for her illegal actions and for violating her oath.

Pelosi is upset at short term continuing resolutions and says they are not the way to do things. Her party used CRs for years because they never passed a budget. They always let things get to the brink of disaster and then forced votes in the middle of the night or during the holidays in order to coerce people to pass bills no matter how bad they were. She is also as responsible as anyone for the number of CRs that have been used in years past.

Shut up Nancy. No one wants to hear what comes out of your mouth because it has no brain to connect to and if it did it would be a mush filled liberal brain that is devoid of logic or intelligence.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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2 Responses to “GOP Is Not Shutting Down DHS”

  1. Barbara says:

    Shut it down. Botox face needs to be put in a insane asylum ,alone with nut job bud Reid. Be better if the whole damn left side was in prison. Never have I saw so many nut cases in one place, like the WH and on the leftie side. Screwed up bunch.

  2. victoria says:

    Amen, Barbara.