Goodbye Olesker

A columnist from the Baltimore Sun who has been on the job for nearly 30 years resigned in disgrace after allegations that he has been using other people’s work without attribution. Olesker and another columnist, David Nitkin, are the subjects of a First Amendment lawsuit against the Governor’s office because the Governor forbade anyone in his executive branch from speaking to either reporter. Note to Sun, the First Amendment guarantees freedom of the press,not access by specific reporters and the Governor’s office speaks with other Sun reporters.

I can not express how happy I am that this pompous, ultra-liberal, jackass is out on his ear. This guy had a stint on a local news program and I stopped watching the program until he finally left it. His columns in the Sun were never impartial and he always took swipes at the Republicans, particularly Governor Robert Ehrlich. Olesker had no problems expressing his liberal views, with what now appears to be other’s words, and to bash everything conservative. I have hoped he would be gone for a long time but the way he is departing is bitter sweet. For him to leave in disgrace underscores the vile contempt with which he led the citizens of Maryland. His holier than thou attitude and condescending remarks will not be missed.

Olesker says he made mistakes and was sloppy. Strange thing that when a conservative has a problem Olesker would be the first to report it as willful misconduct. Funny thing Mike, how you can dismiss your own acts of willful misconduct as mistakes.

Michael, goodbye and good riddance. Perhaps you can get a job at the New York Times. You are the kind of scum reporter they would appreciate. Maybe you can get a job working for Joe Biden since you two have so much in common.

I am sure the local conservative talk shows will be giving this a lot of air today.


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