Good Thing the Early US Felt Differently

The president unveiled a plan to put more troops on the ground in Iraq. This plan met with disapproval of the Democrats though the Democrats have complained all along that there were not enough troops on the ground in Iraq. The president also indicated that the rules of engagement would change and be less restrictive on our troops so that they do not have to go through some checklist before deciding to shoot at someone. The troops will go after those who have been causing the problems instead of trying to appease them and we will be cutting off the influences of Iran and Syria.

Barack Hussein Obama is one of the Democrats who is not happy with the increase in troops. Hussein, by the way, is running for president, shh, don’t tell anyone the secret. Obama had this to say about Iraq:

“We’re not going to baby sit a civil war,” Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., told NBC’s “Today” Show. He said the Democratic-controlled Congress would not undercut troops already in Iraq but would explore ways to restrict the president from expanding the mission. Breitbart

First things first. They are not in a civil war as defined by competent authority and I am surprised Obama did not get the memo to stop using that phrase now that the elections are over. Additionally, Hussein seems to think that he and the others in Congress can tell the president how to manage the troops or the troop’s missions. As I have pointed out a number of times, they can not. I would think that all these supposedly intelligent people would know this and I would hope that a man who wants to be president would know that. This is not Sharia law Hussein.

But let us get to the meat of this. Hussein Obama says we do not want to baby-sit a civil war (we will accept the civil war for the sake of the argument). I understand the concern over 3000 military members who have been killed but we lost tens of thousands during the American Civil War and I don’t remember reading that anyone decided they did not want to baby-sit that effort. Why hell, if people had felt that way, instead of being a member of Congress Hussein Obama would be owned by a member of Congress. Obama would likely not have gone to school and we would still have slaves to this day. Jeez, I guess it was OK to baby-sit a civil war to help black people get from under oppression here in the US but it is not OK to do the same to help the brown skinned people of Iraq achieve the same. Hussein Obama must be a bigot and hate brown skinned Middle Eastern people.

Hussein, you would be serving Massa right now if good people had not fought and died in order to baby-sit the civil war that moved your ancestors off the plantation. I would think that since you never served or had to fight for anything you would at least allow those who are in the service and who control the service to prosecute the war and allow the people of Iraq the same opportunities afforded your blood line. Pretty pathetic for a man who wants to be president.

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One Response to “Good Thing the Early US Felt Differently”

  1. TexasFred says:

    Dog, I only have one complaint about this whole deal, well, more than one but this is a primary, we NEED to put a lot MORE than 21K in there.. Lets get this thing OVER, decisivly, and let it be known that we mean business, I have never been against a good fight, but by God, someone needs to wake Bush up and tell him what it means to FIGHT…

    Yeah, I am a BIG fan of disproportionate response…