Good Riddance To The Worst Congress

The worst Congress to ever be seated in this country is finally on its way out and I say “good riddance.” I know there are many out there, particularly the liberal/progressive types who need government intervention, who will argue that this was not the worst Congress. This is because their measure of success is how many laws were passed. The more laws passed, the more successful the Congress.

This, of course, is complete nonsense. The 111th Congress gave us a number of 2000 plus page bills that were not read by any member of the Congress. We were told that we would have to pass them to see what was in them or that no one knows how they are going to work, but they are good legislation. To top it off, the legislation passed was opposed by a large majority in this country, a majority that was ignored by the Congress. The members who are supposed to represent us ignored our wishes and passed their agenda.

This is one of the major reasons Democrats lost so many seats in the November election. Their side will tell you that it was insignificant or meant nothing or was not because of any one thing but the reality is, they lost because they did not listen and people did not like what they were doing. They were taken out of power because they were out of control.

And they did not learn from the election either. In a lame duck session they passed legislation that Americans opposed. They passed legislation that should have received more scrutiny and they gave the go ahead on a treaty that weakens America.

They did not learn.

Yes even now they seem to think that the loss was a fluke and that the public does not know what is good for it. But the burning question remains, if these agenda items were so good for America, why did the Democrat leaders have to bribe so many people to pass the legislation? Why did they have to give away billions in taxpayer dollars to get their own party members on board? I know the popular myth contends that Republicans were the party of “No” and they held everything up but this is a LIE told by progressives in an attempt to hide the fact that they have big enough majorities in Congress to pass what they wanted but were unable to do so.

So, once again, if the legislation was so wonderful, why did they need all the bribes and back room deals? If it was so wonderful then why did it NOT pass when Democrats had a big enough majority to pass anything they wanted?

If all this legislation was so wonderful then why did the Congress have to hold midnight votes? Why did they have to stay in session over the holidays to get things done? Harry Reid used the same tactics two years in a row, threaten to keep them through the Christmas holiday so they will vote for anything to get out of DC. It is absolutely piss poor leadership and Reid is not the only piss poor leader. Nancy Pelosi is one as well.

Those who bow down to her will tell you how much she accomplished and how wonderful she is. This is a lie. She could not get things done with a majority and blamed Republicans for her own party’s inabilities. She had to force her people with threats and that is no way to lead. She was such a poor leader that she lost more House Seats than any Speaker in nearly a century.

Remember, if what they did was so wonderful then they would not have had to bribe people to get it passed. If what they did was so great we would know what was in the legislation and they would not have to lie about the contents (if they had any real idea what was in the things to begin with) and if what they were doing was so great they would not have lost a historic number of seats in the midterm elections.

The liberal/progressives must have been absolutely terrible because after only two years they have been replaced with Republicans and the public is not any more thrilled with them at this point. It is bad news and you know you screwed up when you are replaced by the very party that was thrown out in disgust because of its inability to control spending and its loss of principles.

When you are replaced by people who are hated as much as you just to keep you from running amok and having free reign then you know you truly suck.

The 111th Congress is the worst that has ever been seated. It took a nation in debt and bankrupted it and it passed tons of nanny-state laws to gain more control over our lives.

It did this because a certain part of the leadership thinks that it must rule over people too stupid or inept to care for themselves.

But it also had success because there are certain parts of society that either believes that government must run their lives, that they are unable to run their own without government intervention, or that they are entitled to the fruits of another person’s labor (a message that the nanny-state government has driven home for decades).

And as much as the 111th Congress was a failure, the other failures in this society are the people who actually think that this Congress did good things and who feel good about the forced redistribution of wealth.

We can vote out a bad Congress but, unlike Survivor, we cannot vote the failures among us out of the tribe.

Perhaps they can make a New Year’s Resolution to become self sufficient and stop expecting the government to take care of them.

As for the rest of us, we should resolve to cut the funding from the beast in any legal way possible…

A funny aside: Most progressives have no problem with the nanny-state until the nanny state interferes with what they like. This guy is all for government intrusion into our lives but is upset when it intrudes into football. It is an understatement to say this guy has a warped sense of what is important. For what its worth, I don’t think government should be involved in our lives and I don’t think it should interfere with a game that is supposed to be played regardless of weather…

I also think it is funny that the Pennsylvania Governor commented by calling the canceling of the game a joke; “It’s an absolute joke,” Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell, a big Eagles fan, told Fox. “I was looking forward to this. It would have been a real experience. This is what football is all about.”

It is funny because if Rendell even went to the game he would sit in a luxury box and not be exposed to the elements. He is right that the cancellation was a joke but what real experience would it be for a guy who would be pampered at the stadium? Ah yes, a true progressive. I am the king and will be treated as such while the peons get “a real experience.”

Cave Canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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2 Responses to “Good Riddance To The Worst Congress”

  1. Blake says:

    We (Conservatives) will have a full time job just righting the wrongs perpetuated on us by the 110th Congress- but then that is what we are paying them for.
    All of y’all in the 111th Congress just remember this term- PUBLIC SERVANTS- you are not our masters.

    • Blake says:

      Pardon me- I got mixed up about the number of the Congress- considering that the 110th AND the 111th were the same, I might be excused somewhat.
      At least that twat Alan Grayson is out- he was a beatdown aching to happen.