Good News From the Front Lines

With all the negative reporting by the MSM regarding Iraq and Afghanistan, we hope to counterbalance it with good news that’s being missed or underreported. Occasionally, we’ll update you with interesting information from Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, like the following:

* Are you aware that Coalition forces and/or Iraqi police have captured or killed 80% of those labeled “Most-Wanted” at the beginning of the incursion? Only 11 out of the list of 55 (52 of which were pictured on playing cards) remain at large. Ironically, Saddam’s sons were the only two listed as killed. Not bad for a mission the MSM called “ finding a needle in a haystack.”

* Iraqi civilians are guiding troops to terrorist weapon caches in the ongoing Operation River Blitz, which began February 20. In separate events, three civilians led soldiers to recover four 105 mm artillery rounds that were daisy-chained, one 120 mortar round, one 82mm mortar round, seven 57mm rounds, one 30mm round, three 23mm rounds, one missile warhead, and 100 pounds of TNT.

* According to Centcom News, 8,000 to 10,000 Iraqi men presented themselves for recruitment into the Iraq army on February 14. Many of these men traveled long distances by foot, bus and car to join. In what is termed the largest recruitment effort to date, approximately 5,000 were accepted into the ranks after a literacy test, physical condition check and questions concerning prior military service.

* Areas of Afghanistan have experienced a cruel winter. Snows have piled up in the southeastern area, sometimes over 20 feet, trapping some families in their houses. In a relief mission called Operation Bear’s Paw, US Army Chinooks are dropping emergency supplies to help those isolated get through winter. Approximately 2,056 food packages, with a total of 257 tons of supplies, will be delivered as part of the effort. Shelter, blankets and food are also being provided to those displaced or stranded by the weather.

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