Good for America Equals Bad for Democrats

Rush Limbaugh is fond of saying that the Democrats are the defeatist party and whatever is good for America is bad for them. They sit around joyously awaiting the body count of American military who gave all in the war on terror because they are happy to see things go badly. Good news, as in low numbers of killed, would be good for America but bad for the Democrats and their quest for power. Democrats will sell their very souls to Satan himself (or herself since Hillary is Satan in the flesh) in order to gain and keep power. They are low life cretins who place their desires above the needs of the country. House Majority Whip James Clyburn confirmed today that what is good for America is bad for Democrats.

Today Clyburn stated that a good report from General David Petraeus (good for America) would probably split the Democrats in their effort to set a timetable for withdrawal (bad for Democrats). When President Bush announced the surge the Democrats (and some Republicans) did not like the idea. However, Congress agreed to wait until September when General Petraeus reported on the progress of the surge before they would do anything with regard to bringing troops home or voting time lines. The Democrats are not stupid, misguided and idiotic but certainly not stupid, and they were able to see the decreasing numbers of American casualties. They heard the news coming out of Iraq and they heard how things improved once the last troops deployed for the surge arrived in country. The Democrats went on the offensive and started claiming that the surge had failed and that we lost the war. They worked on legislation to set timetables and bring the troops home and they did all this before the September report they agreed to wait for.

I have said several times that the reason the Democrats decided not to honor their commitment is because they did not want a good report to come from Iraq. They were trying to get things done the way they wanted before General Patraeus came home with a good report. The Democrats have demonstrated that they are not interested in how the war is going because they want to end it regardless of what a pull out means. They need to have something that looks like progress in the bag before the election season kicks off or they will look like they failed in the eyes of their supporters. The Democrats will do anything to derail the war so long as they can remain in power and gain a larger majority.

Today, Congressman Clyburn spelled that all out and gave confirmation to my gut feelings. The Democrats are worried that there will be a good report from Iraq which will make it more difficult for them to cut and run. The prospect of a good report has them worried that their party will fracture because General Patraeus “carries significant weight” among some of the Democrats. Clyburn is now saying that the Democrats should wait for the report before trying to force their agenda on the President. He worries that if they go after a timetable now a good report will be a bad thing for them. They were not successful with their earlier end run so Clyburn thinks they should punt until the report comes out (in the spirit of the upcoming football season).

The most dangerous thing in the world is an American warrior and his weapon. Unfortunately, the most dangerous thing in America is a Democratically controlled Congress. The former will fight for America, while the latter will fight against her.

If it is good for America, it is bad for the Democrats, just ask Congressman Clyburn.

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11 Responses to “Good for America Equals Bad for Democrats”

  1. Raven says:

    I still cannot fathom why so many people voted Left. It takes an attack on American soil to bring out the pride and patriotism of the people…and get a few yrs away from the attack it’s back to screw America mindset.

  2. Patsy says:

    Hard to believe this is the political party that led us to complete victory in WWII, isn’t it? It was Democratic President Harry Truman who made that courageous decision to utilize the atomic bombs against Japan, thereby utterly defeating, annihilating the enemy. The man, Harry S. Truman, brought the enemy to their knees. Where are those Democrats now? Man, oh, man could they use a man like that now.

  3. kender says:

    damned democrats….always pulling out when they shouldn’t and not pulling out when they should.

  4. Steve Dennis says:

    You are correct in my opinion about the left. The reason they are trying to set the timetable for defeat before the general’s report comes out in September is because they are afraid that there is good news in it. They can’t have that. It’s actually quite sad, and makes me fear for the future of our country.

  5. Ogre says:

    It’s easy to understand the left — their primary purpose is power (and money). They will do and say literally anything in their quest for both. Silly things like “America” are a far, far second in their quest.

    This is why they do what they do. For example, now when a vote was considered to arrange a pull-out date, the Democrats now oppose that vote because it might be seen as progress by Republicans. And they don’t want Republicans to be allowed to vote on anything that might appear to help them — and reduce Democrats’ power.

    Always remember — power first, everything else last. That is the Democrat Party motto.

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  7. NeoconNews says:

    The saddest thing about all of this is that at the most basic level, the majority of these liberals who want to run away from Iraq and deny that a terrorist threat even exists think that they’re doing what is best for the country. They think that their actions toward pacifism will make their children safer. Of course, you could also look at it from the standpoint that they have no real investment in the lives of American soldiers, if they see them as ‘mercenaries’ and ‘killers’. Quite a puzzle. I’d say it must be depressing to live like that, but I think that ignorance is bliss and hatespeech is easy.

  8. Patsy says:

    What exactly caused the Democratic Party’s total loss of character? I don’t understand how this party, which once was the epitome of American patriotism, now demonstrates only the amoral pursuit of power.

    And when given power, instead of utilizing it to get work done, “change things for the better” like the catchphrases that so easily flow from all of their mouths, they waste their authority on useless investigations on non-crimes, attempting to villify public officials who have done nothing wrong, whose only crimes are that they belong to the opposing party.

    Meanwhile, the nation is at war. Their leaders make statements that are flat out LIES that we’re losing the war. When in fact we’re winning it. That the surge is a failure and the truth is the surge is having tremendous success.

    How can any American want the defeat of their country? Democrats are incapable of being Americans anymore. They are completely political animals, who care nothing for this country and sadly, nothing for their fellow Americans or fellow man.

    It’s despicable, and downright evil. And way past time that WE stopped tolerating their treachery. Enough of their BS.

  9. Patsy says:

    I don’t think you’re right about that NeoconNews. Democratic leaders really don’t give our nation’s plight one single thought. There is an organization which has taken control of the Democratic Party. I believe Georg Soros is the front man for it. That organization’s goal is to diminish American power and influence. They want our country weakened.

    And the Democratic Party, blinded by the billions of dollars made available to them by these folks, have allowed them to corrupt their party. That makes the Democrats whores. They’ve sold themselves to these folks. Democrats have sold out their country, stupidly thinking they’re going to get control back by doing so.

    What are they going to be able to accomplish with power that’s been bought and paid for by outsiders who control them? Why do we see them holding all these meaningless hearings trying to dredge up something with which to impeach President Bush. He’s CLEAN, he will not be impeached because he hasn’t done anything they can get him on.

    And trying to go through VP Cheney to do it? The idiots, VP Cheney is the savviest man in Washington DC, they aren’t going to get to him that way either.

    One thing really puzzles me, these nameless, faceless entities who are pulling the strings, probably the TriLateral/TriPartate Commission folks, what do they stand to gain by destabilizing the world? How does escalating Islamic terrorism benefit these elitist pigs?

    They aren’t immune to this scourge. What’s their plan for dealing with terrorism? Something sinister is happening here. The Democratic Party should severe ties with Soros & his gang. They’re a threat to us and our way of life.

    No American political party should not be associated with this seditious organization.

  10. laura says:

    here’s an ad that uses the washpost video clip…