Good Call, Bad Call

Ah, so many choices today.

Good call on both Huckabee and BYU for standing up for decency. They are pointing out things that are wrong, and so far, aren’t backing down.

Sure, I know some people will wade in with, “Oh, who are you to say what is right?” You just go right ahead. Of course, what’s also nice about these two is that in both cases, they are simply standing by their own words — without trying to use government to force anyone to do anything. That’s so rare to see these days.

Bad call on Illinois for trying to ban filming. I can’t say I’m surprised, as I’m not sure anything is actually legal in that state. I know you couldn’t pay me enough money to live there — I even drive out of my way to avoid entering that horrible state. It’s already illegal to interfere with emergency personnel, so all this bill would do is allow more police to arrest more people for recording them in public. That’s a bad idea and it’s wrong. I’d mention that its also unconstitutional, but that doesn’t matter to today’s justice system.

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