Gone Too Far

As some of you might know, I am part of a blogburst that is involved in spreading the word about Jack Idema. Jack has been written about a number of times and I am not going to go over his record in this post. If you want a complete review of Jack and the men with whom he is being held captive, you can check out Superpatriots. This post is in regard to the low-life people who push agendas by smearing good people and committing what I consider crimes in the process.

The people in the blogburst post items about Jack and his men. The articles deal with the unfair trial and the fact that he is being held prisoner despite being found not-guilty. The people in the blogburst debunk myths and attempt to demonstrate that Jack and his men need to be released back to the United States. Now I have never met Jack Idema. There are many who will tell you that Jack is a first class a-hole. There are those who will tell you about his past brushes with the law and his failed business ventures. All of this might, and probably is true. For me and the blogburst members, Jack’s past history and his personal troubles have nothing to do with the fact that he is being held against his will in another country and has been tortured at the hands of those holding him captive. Jack might very well be an ass. I don’t care one iota if he is the most arrogant self-centered SOB to walk the face of the Earth. The fact is, he deserves the same justice as anyone else with each instance judged on its particular merits.

The leader of the blogburst is Cao (pronounced “Key”). She has nearly 100 posts about Jack and his men and their situation. She has posted items counter to those who would defame Jack and his men and present him in an unfavorable light by trying to equate his past with his present situation. Ideally, this is what is known as a debate. An exchange of ideas where opposing sides have differing opinions and they present their facts in an attempt to persuade the other side and change their thinking. Unfortunately, several of Jack’s homegrown enemies have taken this process to a level that is low, immature, degrading, and possibly illegal. Interestingly, one of the people doing this is a lawyer so one would assume he would know how debates and exchanges of idea work. The fact that he lives in Berkeley probably explains why he does not grasp main stream America. He is busy looking down upon us from the Ivory Tower of liberalism. I am sure you have heard of this person, he is the one who hanged a soldier in effigy.

The tactics of a blogger at stuporpatriots have sunk to the level of the Democratic party and have shades of Chuck Schumer written all over them. This genius published court records and other personal information for a person he believed to be Cao. Some of the information might very well belong to her but there is a great deal that belongs to other people including social security numbers and dates of birth as well as addresses and phone numbers. If this guy had gotten just Cao’s information the post would have been reprehensible. But the fact that he has other names and the fact that he does not actually know Cao and therefore does not know if he has her information means that he has published information that might not even be hers. It is bad enough that he placed Cao in danger of identity theft or physical harm from people who are as mentally stable as he, but he also placed people who have no idea what is going on in the same danger.

In addition to publishing personal information this hero published a picture reported to be Cao. It is not she but the picture looks like a Nick Nolte type mugshot giving the implication that Cao is a criminal. It would be easy to do something like this. Suppose I said that I was with a hooker last night and this is she. Anyone reading this would assume that the woman pictured is some lady of the night. It would be grossly unfair to the woman and it would be an outright lie because the woman is in fact not a hooker but the wife of one of the people who is involved in this smear campaign. But, she is an attractive woman and anyone who did not know any better would assume, because I would have made the claim, that she is a hooker. This is the kind of reckless disregard that the people involved in the smear campaign have for Cao.

Cao and the rest of us are involved in a campaign to bring an American hero, at least a hero in our eyes, home. We think that his personality, past, and bravado are incidental to the fact that he is being held against his will despite being found not-guilty. There are many rumors and innuendo about the entire Idema story. There are those who say he is a mercenary and those who claim he is working for the US government. He is mentioned in a favorable light in the book “The Hunt For Bin Laden” by Robin Moore and he is mentioned in a negative light in many news articles. All of this is not relevant to the issue at hand and that issue is an American is being held illegally.

Unfortunately, Stephen Pearcy and the blogger at Stuporpatriots have trouble seeing that for what it is and they have resorted to disclosing the personal information of a person with whom they disagree. I find it terribly disturbing that these people would use such tactics. What will they do next, go to her house and try to rough her up? Well Pearcy won’t, he is a Berkeley liberal. The fact is dissent and debate are good and healthy, that is until personal attacks take place. These people have attacked Cao on a personal level and have published personal information that might or might not actually be hers. This is the kind of stuff one reads about with regard to Chuck Schumer and his buddies in the liberal establishment. Of course, these jackasses fall right in with the personal attacks and possibly illegal activities. Interestingly, Cao is attacked for exercising her First Amendment rights by a guy who cried because people were trying to make him take down his disgraceful soldier (mentioned earlier).

I have some advice for these two poor excuses for men. If you want to debate issues we can debate the issues. Try to keep the game above board and keep the disclosure of personal information out of it. You would be the first to complain if it happened to you and Pearcy would probably sue. So you two try to act like men and have a little testicular fortitude. Try staying out of the gutter and present yourselves like men.

I encourage anyone who is interested to visit Cao’s and the Super Patriots and read the information about Jack. You can go to the stupor patriots and read the other side of the story, though it is more snide remark than display of fact. Do your research and form your own opinions and I can promise that if you disagree with me your personal information will not end up published for the world to see. If you are interested, consider joining the blogburst. Cao’s site has details.

Here are the two sites:
Corruption Exposer (Pearcy)
Stupor Patriots (a man who uses Idema’s name to run the site)

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3 Responses to “Gone Too Far”

  1. Beth says:

    I went and read both sites. If that is Cao — she doesn’t look like Nick Nolte to me :)

    It looks like a very childish prank. Very!

    It’s mean spirited, immature and childish. He’s more focused on Cao and her blog than he is on any real issues.

    Is there anything that can be done to get the personal info off his site?

    Thanks for posting this!

  2. Wild Thing says:

    Not sure if my other post made it. But I do want very much to say what a great post you did BIG DOG! You are the best!!!!

  3. rita says:

    I know that Cao has fought a fair fight. The hurtful slurs towards her and the men she is trying to document are not even aware to the kidney punches she has taken. They’ve exposed her, threatened her and called her very unkind names. Jeez, even congress doesn’t do that.
    So, we watch each others backs and make sure Cao stays strong. It is really really mean to try and wreck families with kids. I refuse to play dirty.
    My husband tried to comment on stupor’s site and say the same, ” Play fair.” Don’t be so mean and don’t make it so over the top.
    Who will listen? I don’t know. I’m betting on the winning side.
    Good character always wins.