Go to the wrong school? That’s a jailin’

Another story for those who still don’t understand that all laws are backed with the force and the threat of jailing or death. In this case a woman enrolled her son in the wrong school. Because she did that, she is now facing 40 years in prison. No, I’m not kidding, and I’m not making this up. Literally, the woman is going to be a convicted felon and could be sent to prison for FORTY YEARS because she enrolled her child in the “wrong” school. And she has already been arrested, jailed, and strip-searched for the heinous crime of enrolling her son in school.

And yes, of course, if she didn’t enroll her son in school, that would be another jail-able offense.

There are various reports about the woman saying that she was homeless, claiming that she wasn’t homeless, and other questions about whether she should have enrolled her son in what school. Oh, and the mayor of the city is telling everyone how evil this woman is because she was arrested for marijuana use. But this is utterly and completely INSANE!

The damn city wants to throw a woman IN JAIL FOR 40 YEARS because she enrolled her son in school. That’s beyond screwed up. And yes, there are those who are defending this action! The mayor, the prosecutor, the police, everyone involved with this should be thrown out on the street. I honestly don’t give a damn if they’re “just doing their job.” If you have a job that requires you throw a woman in jail for 40 years for sending her son to the wrong school, your job needs to be eliminated and you need to be fired. And if you’re willing to do that job, you seriously suck.

And you know — if we had a tiny bit more freedom, things like this would never happen — just stop government from running schools and this would never, ever be an issue.

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3 Responses to “Go to the wrong school? That’s a jailin’”

  1. Blake says:

    This is another example of petty little tyrants, in the form of activist judges and others, who feel that THEY know best, and do not care that the punishment in NO WAY fits the alleged crime- was there actually a CRIME?
    I wonder what color this woman was….

  2. Ogre says:

    You have to ask what color her skin is? I’m sure you already know.

  3. Donna Eusebio says:

    I see this happened to a black mom in Ohio back in January also