Go Naked

As Many on the mailing list know, I wrote a post indicating that today was go naked day (I deleted that post when i had trouble). Sites participating have deactivated their style sheets. If you would like more information about this go to http://naked.dustindiaz.com/. From that site.

The idea behind this event is to promote Web Standards. Plain and simple. This includes proper use of (x)html, semantic markup, a good hierarchy structure, and; well, a fun play on words. I mean, who doesn’t want to get naked?. Feel free to see the original reference article for more information.

So this is what my site would look like without a style sheet. I am not aware of any functions that will not work without a style sheet but this will be back to normal at midnight tonight.

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One Response to “Go Naked”

  1. Laurie says:

    So that is what that was all about. I checked in here last night and thought something was wrong with it. Apparently didn’t scroll down enough to see the reason. :wallbash_tb: