Global Warming Really Is Man Made

I can see it now. Yes my friends I have seen the light and I am now ready to concede that global warming is a man made thing.

For those of you who thought I had strong convictions that warming comes and goes and that it is the result of our sun’s activity you have nothing to worry about because I still feel that way and the most recent data show this to be correct.

However, I am now a convert in believing that global warming is man made because I recently discovered what it is all about.

You see, when scientists look at the temperatures over a long time they can see a trend and this is how they decide if we are getting cooler, warmer, or staying the same.

Over the past 100 years or so the temperature data has shown that we are not warming or the warming is so small it matters not. BUT, scientists have been going back and “correcting” (read changing) the temperature data to decrease the previous temperatures so that it LOOKS like we have gotten much warmer over all that time.

Mind you, we have not really gotten warmer, they just changed the data so it LOOKS like it.

A man made the changes so in effect, we really do have man made global warming.

Though I would call it man FABRICATED global warming.

This is how Al Gore and the rest of the climate nazis work. They are not getting what they like so they manipulate the data to show the results they want. How else can they scam us out of billions of dollars while they get rich?

If they can’t show results then government won’t fund them and the government can’t fleece us of our hard earned money while it works to enslave us to more and more unnecessary regulation in order to CONTROL our lives.

Al Gore states that the science is settled and that 97% of scientists agree that man made global warming exists. He is lying, of course, because they surveyed all kinds of scientists and only took the ones that agreed with them.

In any event, 100% of them can all agree, as I now do, man made global warming is real because some men are making it all up.

What next? Will they manipulate the job numbers to make us think the economy is in great shape?

Oops, too late….

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2 Responses to “Global Warming Really Is Man Made”

  1. Barbara says:

    Yes Gore is a whore regarding this crap. Maybe it will get so hot it will make his head explode and all the sh#t he has been trying to feed us blows right in his lying ass face. Gore has made millions with this lie, wish he would go fall off the map.Actually Gore is a evil person, just trying to keep up with the Clinton’s and there con jobs to make millions.

  2. Blake says:

    The EPA I now regard as the most destructive agency in our gubbmint, as they now have closed the last lead smelting plant in the US, and so the price we pay for lead for commercial construction will increase-(not to mention ammunition).