Give Him Enough Rope…

I remember this old phrase from my youth when things would happen and my parents would say if we give you enough rope you will hang yourself. Of course they meant that if I were given too much leeway I would eventually get my self in trouble. I have heard this throughout my life and though it is cliche, it is quite appropriate.

Saddam Hussein had 14 years to get his act together. Instead of straightening up and becoming part of the international community he decided that he wanted to go around executing people with whom he disagreed. He has fed babies to tigers, gouged out the eyes of adults and his men have gang raped women. Pleas from one woman that her husband, a member of Hussein’s cabinet who said the wrong thing, be sent home to her were answered by Hussein. The mans dismembered body was placed in front of the door to her home, in separate bags. Hussein’s sons also tortured people. A lot of people were fed into meat grinders and while they were screaming in agony the Husseins laughed. Now the time has come for Hussein to pay for his crimes.

Word is that Saddam Hussein will be hanged by 2200 Eastern time. The gallows have been erected and witnesses to the execution are in place. Soon, Hussein will do the perp walk to the platform where he will be made to pay for his crimes against humanity. Hussein had many years to get his act together but he chose to ignore UN Resolutions and work against the world rather than with it. He was continually given rope and now he will hang with it.

Interestingly, Saddam continues to say he is proud to die and will be a martyr but he keeps asking for a stay. He has even asked a US Court to stay his execution. I would not want to be a US Judge who said yes to that. He might end up in Gitmo. In any event, tonight is the night that Hussein will go to hell and meet his brother Satan, Mohammad the Satanic Prophet, and the rest of the Islamic terrorists who are still searching for virgins.

A reporter asked Hussein what he was doing for New Year’s and he said “Just hanging around.”

Right Voices has a great picture (I am going to see if I can get it but visit there to see it).

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4 Responses to “Give Him Enough Rope…”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Party of One….Saddam, Your Noose Is Ready For You…

    What a SWEEEEET way to end this year! I hope that this video gets released on the internet QUICKLY so we can all post it. To all those wussy MSM journalists who refuse to print any images, even if they’re published, SCREW YOU! You have published …

  2. […] Update2: We have updates coming live at PJM’s execution watch. Also, Big Dog is blogging on this and Ms. Underestimated has a nifty little graphic. […]

  3. Where’s The Virgins???…

    Saddam has finally met his Maker. Now, where’s those 72 virgins???
    Graphic Credit: Theodore’s World
    Blog Party: Right on the Right, One Big Dog, Ms Underestimated, Cathouse Chat, My Pet Jawa, and T.D. is liveblogging at Right Track.


  4. Virginia says:

    Love ya Big dog, You are always 100% right. Keep up the good work.