Ginsburg; Feminist Opinion Trumps Law

Ruth (Darth) Bader Ginsburg dissented in a recent decision where the Supreme Court ruled that a woman could not file a discrimination suit against an employer because she failed to meet the filing deadline in the law. The employee evidently filed the suit years after the alleged discrimination and the court rejected her claim. Justice Darth Bader Ginsburg was unhappy with the ruling and indicated that the court was ignoring the insidious discrimination in pay between men and women.

No Justice, the court was following the law. The employee might have been discriminated against but has an obligation to file suit within the time indicated in the law. Justice, are you not the same person who dissented in the partial birth abortion case indicating once again that this somehow hurt women’s rights? Are you not employed to interpret the law? The law allows abortions (another SCOTUS mistake) up to a certain time. There is no way in hell you or anyone else can justify killing a child seconds before it is born by saying that it is a blob of cells or any other clap trap you folks use to justify murder.

Your job is to interpret law, not push activist agendas like feminism. I understand that your dissent gives rise to the idea that this court is heading in the wrong direction. Once again, that is wrong. The court is heading in the right direction after years of going the wrong way.

As I recall, you were in the majority that allowed government to take property based solely on the idea they could make more money off it in another venue. This is an absolute violation of the Constitution and yet you were in the majority, with all the other liberal justices. Your job is to interpret the law and that means our law, not anyone else’s.

Thank God George Bush was able to appoint two people who interpret law and not push forward activist issues. Now all we need is for you to leave before he leaves office so we can get one more true judge and one less activist on the court.

The people are tired Darth so shut your pie hole and interpret the law.


Big Dog

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