Gilchrest Screws Republicans Again

Wayne Gilchrest represented Maryland’s 1st Congressional District for 18 years. During his tenure he aligned with Democrats about as much as his own party. Gilchrest is a RINO who lost his bearings and needed to go. I communicated with him several times and in the last year have received about a dozen letters, most condescending, explaining his positions or telling me that I don’t understand the process.

I worked very hard to see Gilchrest defeated in the primary and State Senator Andy Harris ended up victorious. Gilchrest, ticked at the loss and ever the RINO, endorsed the Democrat running against Harris. Gilchrest campaigned for Democrat Frank Kratovil and the DNC pumped in about 2 million dollars to pick up the normally safe Republican seat.

Andy Harris, a physician and former Navy reservist, conceded the race today after it became obvious that the outstanding absentee ballots would not be sufficient to help him over the top. Kratovil, a lawyer (just what we need) will now represent a traditionally Republican district (though there are more registered Democrats here).

I wanted Harris to win. I have met him and he is a decent man who has very good conservative values. I am sorry to see him lose but if Gilchrest had won the primary I would have voted for Kratovil in the general. I asked others not to vote for an incumbent and I was not going to either (even if I like Gilchrest).

I do not align with Kratovil’s policies but if I am going to be represented by a liberal I want it to be one who is not afraid to say he is one.

As for Gilchrest, I am sure he backed Kratovil out of sour grapes but I am also certain that he wanted the Democrat to win so that he [Gilchrest] would be able to run for his old seat in two years. Gilchrest is fairly well liked but many people backed the real conservative in the primary and Harris wins that contest hands down. In the general, where Democrats can vote, they chose Kratovil in no small part because of the Gilchrest endorsement and the millions of dollars pumped in by the DNC.

This year belonged to Democrats anyway so it is no real shock that one was able to win the race especially given the support of the RINO Gilchrest. Now Frank Kratovil has to live up to the expectations of constituents who are more conservative than his pals in Congress would like.

I wish him well and will support him so long as he keeps his liberal leanings in check. If not, he will need to go the way of Gilchrest and I will be more than happy to help take him down as well.

As for Gilchrest, he can forget a run in two years. His days are done unless he formally switches his party affiliation. He has been a Democrat for a long time culminating in his endorsement of Kratovil. All he needs to do now is make it official and change his registration.

Thanks Wayne you low life slug. I hope you sleep well at night knowing you abandoned your principles and your party.

I might not like the outcome but I still smile knowing I helped take your miserable butt down.

And Andy, thank you for running an honorable campaign. If you run again I will be more than happy to support you.

Big Dog

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7 Responses to “Gilchrest Screws Republicans Again”

  1. Adam says:

    I was always writing and griping out Senator Pryor in AR, specially after he voted for AG Gonzo. Sometimes I think a human doesn’t even read our mail anymore and it just goes into a piece of software that analyzes the keywords and then sends out a canned message that sort of fits correctly. Pathetic.

  2. Patsy says:

    Congrats on getting rid of that RINO, Big Dog. Several went down to defeat this year.

    Time to rebuild and rejuvenate our Party with some fresh blood.

  3. Adam says:

    Y’all see Ron Paul’s article about why the GOP is getting tossed out of office? I think the guys a kook sometimes but he says some stuff I can agree with a little. Interesting reading either way.

  4. Big Dog says:

    Ron Paul is the only one who was right about the financial situation and is aware of sound fiscal policy.

  5. Adam says:

    What about his views about the use of the military?

  6. Big Dog says:

    Ron Paul is more accurate in the way the military should be used.

    I am not real keen on some of his foreign policies but would be more than happy to close the military bases around the world and bring our troops home so that we can stop spending money in their countries and they can start protecting themselves.