Get Your Facts Straight Joe, And It Is Socialism

Joe Biden was interviewed by a reporter from WFTV and he was not happy with the questions that she asked. Unlike most members of the media, this reporter asked tough questions and Biden had a meltdown. She asked about Obama’s ties to ACORN and Biden said that the campaign NEVER gave any money to ACORN. During the questioning he told her to get her facts straight. Well, looks like Joe is the one who has problems with the facts because the campaign did pay ACORN over $800,000 to get out the vote (not set up stages like their reports indicated). This directly contradicts Biden’s assertion that the campaign is responsible for its get out the vote efforts.

The Obama campaign recently admitted that it paid an affiliate of ACORN, the controversial community organizer that Obama represented in Chicago, more than $832,00 for “voter turnout” work during the primaries. The campaign initially claimed the money had been spent on “staging, sound and light” and “advance work.” Newsmax

The reporter asked if Obama’s plan to spread the wealth was Socialism and Biden lost it. The campaign was so upset that someone would dare to ask tough questions that it cancelled an interview with Biden’s wife and the campaign sent a letter stating that the station would get no further interviews.

It is interesting that Joe the Senator would get so upset at these tough questions. Sarah Palin has had to address tough questions that have little relevance to the campaign. How many people know, off the tops of their heads, the Supreme Court rulings by name? The lawyers might know the major ones but that is the kind of question designed to say, “gotcha.” Some advance notice on these kinds of questions is not unreasonable so that the candidate can come prepared. The kinds of questions asked of Joe Biden were reasonable but he lost it. Palin has mangled the answers to some questions and has taken the criticism on the chin and continued on. Who do we want, a cry baby or a person with thick skin who continues on regardless of how tough it gets. Imagine the outcry if the McCain campaign cut off any media outlets. Palin was brought in slowly but she has made more media appearances in the last 60 days than Biden has and Obama has had no press conferences in the last 30. Where are the cries about media access?

Interestingly, Socialism is exactly what Obama wants and he has been pushing that since he was a rabble rouser in Chicago. He was exposed when Joe the Plumber asked about taxes and Obama said that he wanted to spread the wealth. Later, Obama said he did not regret what he had said but one would never know that by the way his surrogates attacked Joe mercilessly. But the idea of wealth redistribution is not a new concept to the Sainted One. In 2001 Barack Obama said that he felt the Supreme Court did not do enough to address Redistribution of wealth during the civil rights movement. Yes, Obama thinks that part of the civil rights movement should have been the court addressing the redistribution of wealth.

No matter how mad Joe Biden gets, no matter how long Obama supporters keep their fingers in their ears screaming nyah, nyah, the fact is he believes in Socialism. Obama, who is supposed to be a Constitutional professor, thinks that our highest court should have addressed the issue of forcefully taking money from one group of people and giving that money to another. Income redistribution is Socialism. Joe Biden can deny it, but it is so.

I guess it should not surprise anyone that Obama believes this. This is the guy who said the Constitution was an imperfect document. In other words, when he swore to protect and defend the Constitution upon taking office as a US Senator, he was either swearing to protect and defend a document he views as flawed or he was indicating that he would only protect and defend the parts he liked.

We already know he does not like the Second Amendment. His anti-gun history is unquestionable and well documented. Obama would be very happy to end gun ownership in America and though that is unlikely, he can certainly make a huge dent in our rights. It also appears that Obama is not too happy with the First Amendment when people say things that he disagrees with or that bring discredit to him and his campaign.

Here is a picture of a person who is willing to give lessons on the Second Amendment.

Redistribution of wealth already takes place in this country. Social Security is a great example. People pay into it each time they earn wages and those funds are sent to people who are already drawing benefits. There is no way that money is put aside in an individual’s name so that it will go to THAT person when he retires. Money is taken from one group and given to another. Now, Democrats want to take over 401(k) plans. The government wants to take away the tax benefits that people get by saving for retirement in a 401(k). The government also wants to FORCE people to submit 5% of their income into a government run retirement program which will be administered by the Social Security Administration. The SSA is poorly run, it is overly bloated, benefits have expanded for all kinds of things for which it was never intended and people do not get to keep their own money. How will it work when you are forced to submit for retirement.

Will government pool all the money like it does with SS so that people who pay little will be given the same benefits as those who pay a lot? Will government rape the newfound money and spend it on what it wants like it did with all the money paid into Social Security? If individual accounts will be set up then why not let us do that with the money that is extorted from us for Social Security? Why is it that privatizing Social Security in individual accounts is bad but government run retirement is OK and will be safe? Why is it that they can set up safe retirement accounts but not set up safe Social Security accounts?

These plans amount to even more socialism and this is what Barack Obama wants to do to this country despite what Joe the Senator says.

America is great because we fought to unshackle ourselves from the oppressive King of England who taxed the living hell out of us. We threw some tea in a harbor and fought a revolution over that.

What we paid then is miniscule compared to what we are forced to pay now. It is time for anther revolution.

We can start by throwing members of Congress in the harbor.

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Chicago Public Radio Blog

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5 Responses to “Get Your Facts Straight Joe, And It Is Socialism”

  1. David Kirk says:

    I couldn’t agree more. While throwing members of Congress in the harbor might be entertaining, it will only make us feel good in the short-term. I still believe the only long term solution for America is a Constitutional Amendment limiting the amount Congress can tax our income. Congress will never place limits on it because they know the Constitution didn’t place limits on it. I’ll bet Obama thinks that part of the document is perfect. Obama is truly a scary guy. Never thought I would say that about a Presidential candidate, no matter what party he or she was in.

  2. Big Dog says:

    Hey David, the problem, of course, is in order to get an amendment we have to get it through we need either 2/3 of both chambers or 2/3 of the states in convention to put it before the people. They will never pass something like that no matter how many people support it.

    This is why we have never had a term limits amendment for them (only for the president, how convenient).

  3. David Kirk says:

    Very convenient on the term limits. Obviously it would have to be grass roots and go through the states. These vultures will never give up our money voluntarily. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the people can force their individual states to address an issue in constitutional convention with enough signatures?

  4. Big Dog says:

    The people of the state can petition but we need 2/3 of the states for a convention.

  5. ADB says:

    What is even more amazing to me is the fact that Biden is crying over a few tough questions (Hello – you’re running for VP. Grow a pair.), the Obama camp has refused to allow any more interviews with that news station and anyone who dares to ask a question that might make The One look bad is ripped to shreds (Joe the Plumber, anyone?)….

    ….and then some moron in California hangs a Sarah Palin mannequin by a noose from his chimney and it’s “all in good fun.”

    Can you imagine if someone hung an Obama doll by a noose from their chimney? They’d be massacred.