Get Rid Of Your Guns Or Move

An apartment complex in Castle Rock Colorado has a new rule. It notified tenants that they have until 1 October to get rid of their firearms or they will not be allowed to live in their apartment. The letter basically says that on 1 October residents cannot display, use, or possess any firearms or weapons of any kind, anywhere on the property.

A baseball bat or kitchen knife can be used as a weapon but that is a discussion for another time.

The issue here is does the apartment complex have the legal right to deny a person’s rights? I am no lawyer and do not know if this is legal or not. It seems to me that changing the rules for people who live there is wrong whether it is legal or not. I know that some complexes have banned certain types of dogs but there is no right to keep and bear dogs written in the US Constitution.

There are people living there who are very upset. One is a 77 year old retired Marine who has very little money (so he can’t move or afford a lawyer) but owns firearms and hunts. He even has a concealed carry permit. The state has checked on him and he is OK to carry a concealed gun and he certainly carried one in the Corps but he is unable to own one and live at this complex.

Before the anti gun nuts cheer the decision of the apartment owner please think about this. Suppose the letter had been sent out that indicated that residents could not display, use, or possess religious items of any kind, anywhere on the property.

You could not have a Bible, Koran or Torah. No Christmas tree or Menorah. No religious jewelry like a Cross or Star of David or clothing such as a yarmulke or burka. If you refuse to get rid of them you have to move and if you are caught with any of those items you will be evicted.

How would that go over? If they can legally deny one constitutionally protected right then they can deny any constitutionally protected right.

If this had been the existing rule and people rented with full knowledge of the ban then it would not be an issue. The problem here is that people have been living here and own firearms and now the rules have changed.

I know there are people who are anti gun and who don’t think people should own them. Fine, then don’t own one but leave everyone else alone.

Particularly in Castle Rock where the police failed to enforce a protective order and three children were murdered as a result.

Oh, and the Supreme Court ruled the police had no obligation to enforce the order.

The police are under no obligation to protect you. If you live in Castle Rock at those apartments you will have no way of protecting yourself.

Will the apartment complex owners be responsible if someone who relinquishes his firearms just to have a home is injured or murdered?

The apartments are managed by Ross Management Group. Please avoid doing business with them wherever they happen to be. Your life might depend on it.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Get Rid Of Your Guns Or Move”

  1. Blake says:

    Just another example of idiots (and by that I mean Liberals)- I never met one that wasn’t an absolute idiot- that doesn’t mean they all are, I just have never met one.