Get Ready To Bailout The Insurance Companies

It looks like Barack Obama made sure to take care of the insurance companies with regard to Obamacare and the money they will receive as part of a bailout will come from taxpayers. Obama’s vocabulary has different words and meanings from the rest of us. To Obama the definition of illegal alien is new Democrat voter and the definition of citizen is ATM. We are ATMs because we are constantly having our money withdrawn to pay for government’s largesse.

There were problems with the health insurance industry prior to Obamacare but many of the issues were because there is no true free market available. The government regulates the industry to death which creates problems that government then wants to “fix”.

Obama took an expensive part of the economy and made it more expensive. He took a part that many had trouble affording and made it more unaffordable. He took an insurance industry that was making money and created a system that loses money and then uses taxpayer money to pay the insurance companies for their losses. How can anyone in his right mind say this is better?

To top it off, the Obamacare scheme relies heavily on the young signing up and paying a lot while not using much insurance so that the money they pay in can be used to pay for the elderly and the unhealthy and the young are NOT signing on.

If they do not sign up in sufficient numbers the entire scheme will collapse and the taxpayer will be on the hook for even more money.

The liberals, particularly the young, believe that insurance companies are evil and that they should be forced out of business in favor of a single payer system. These young liberals hate it when insurance companies make money (which is what a business is supposed to do). I wonder how they will take the news that their Imperial Leader has ensured the evil insurers will still be profitable but this time at the expense of the taxpayer (and premiums will skyrocket).

I doubt most of them are taxpayers so it might not sink in to their mush filled heads but the fact that they are not getting free health insurance and that the plans they are forced to take are more expensive than those available prior to Obamacare while insurers continue to make money should give them pause.

Insurers are in business. no one has a right to have his health care paid for as it is that person’s responsibility. Having insurance is great but the reality is if one cannot afford it or refuses to get it then that person is the one responsible for the bills when health care is needed. We have and have had social safety nets for the truly poor among us.

The rest of society is supposed to be responsible for its own health care bills and part of that responsibility is in purchasing insurance or paying their own bills.

I understand that it is hard when there are two car payments, big screen TVs, cable bills, expensive cell phones and their accompanying plans not to mention all the fancy designer clothes.

One can’t be expected to give those things up just to buy health insurance.

Especially when they think they will get a free ride…

Get the popcorn folks. It is going to be an interesting show.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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