Get Out The Vote

It is gut check time. As the little timer to the right tells us, the election is not far away. We need to ensure that every republican is registered and every republican votes in the presidential election. The donks made a big deal about Florida despite no evidence to support their claims, they accused the republicans of voter fraud, and dare I say it, disenfranchising, voters. See my earlier post to see my thoughts on that whole mess.
The fact is the democrats invented voter fraud. They have had more dead people vote in elections than you can imagine and in some cases, more people vote than actually live in a geographic area. Remember Chicago and Mayor Daly? Daly invented voter fraud and it was voter fraud that cost Nixon the election against Kennedy in 1960. There are reports that the donks will try to rig voting machines to ensure a win for Kerry and my earlier post explained what they want to do with vote sharing/pairing. What can we do about this?
First and foremost every eligible republican must register to vote. We need everyone registered. The next thing is for everyone to get out and VOTE! It is important that every person vote. The donks will try to cheat but they can not cheat unless the election is close. We need to get out and make this election a landslide for George Bush. If we win by a big enough margin they will not be able to play games with the votes and thus steal the election.
On election day every republican must get to the polls. This means ensuring that those who are immobile or infirmed must be assisted. If you know of someone who absolutely can not get out to vote then please make sure they vote by absentee ballot. You can get information on voting early here. It is also important that you do not allow the polls to influence your decision to vote. No matter what the polls say by election day you must get out and vote. If you are in line and you hear that the other candidate is doing well do not leave! You must stay and vote. It would not be unlike the Main Stream Media to falsely report that Kerry is leading to get people to leave the voting lines. Remember what happened in Florida in 2000. Sometimes supporter of one candidate will leave the polling place when they hear he has lost. Do not fall in to this trap. Stay so that every vote counts. Remember, the MSM wants Bush to lose and will do anything to ensure that happens. Keep thinking Dan Rather and phony memos.
Folks, it is now up to us. We need to show the donks that we can rally our base and support our candidate. The donks always get credit for getting out more voters and there are more registered democrats than republicans so we need to show up in large numbers and get this thing done.
Please don’t let up now, regardless of what the polls say we need to fight through until Nov 2nd is over!

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