Get Out ILLEGAL Activist; and Stay Out

An ILLEGAL alien who has been hiding in a church for a year was arrested and deported back to Mexico leaving her son to live with others here in the US. Elvira Arellano had her kid here so he is a citizen under the misinterpreted 14th Amendment. The activist groups are all over this story and they are all indicating that this woman should not have been arrested for breaking the law and that it was not right for the government to separate her from her kid.

The government did not separate them, she could have taken her kid with her but she is a poor example for motherhood and abandoned her kid. She indicated that if her kid leaves he loses the rights that he has as an American (what she means is sponging off the taxpayer by sucking up welfare). Actually, if we applied the 14th Amendment correctly he would have no rights but since we erroneously made him a citizen he retains those rights and is allowed to come and go. His mother just decided to abandon him.

This is not about tearing families apart. It is about upholding the law. This woman defied an order calling for her removal and she held up in a church for a year to avoid the law being followed. The activists can cry all they want but what we need to be doing is deporting a who lot more of these people. We need to apply the 14th the way it was intended and we need to get rid of people who are here ILLEGALLY. As far as their kids go, they can take them with them back home.

I have no sympathy for lawbreakers who cry because they got caught. The US government did not cause the problem, the ILLEGALS did.

If you don’t want your family broken up then stay in your own country where you belong until you can come here via the legal route.


Big Dog

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31 Responses to “Get Out ILLEGAL Activist; and Stay Out”

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    Hi there! Just thought I’d stop by and leave a comment. ;)

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  4. David says:

    What part of “outlaw” is too difficult for folks to understand, anyway?

    And the churches who provide “sanctuary” to outlaws–what part of their own scriptures have they decided to simply cut out of their Bibles? Oh, right,

    Romans 13:

    ” 1Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. 2Consequently, he who rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves. 3For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong… 4…if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword for nothing. He is God’s servant, an agent of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer… “

    …and other passages.

    (Oh, lest we go overboard on this obedience to authority thing, remember WE supposedly select those who make our laws… and when we have unjust laws or laws applied unjustly, we have recourse. It’s called voting. But that’s STRICTLY a privilege reserved for CITIZENS… unless one is a Democrappic/Leftist, since, of course, Democrappic/Leftist doctrine is CHEAT at the POLLS at ALL TIMES. *heh*)

    And, of course–again–when We the People allow our government to become tyrannical (think: Ruby Ridge, Waco, Martha Stewart, Ramos and Campeon, etc., etc.) we pretty much deserve the abuse we get. The lobbying the illegals get from our congresscritters and from President Fifi Bush, lapdog to successive Mexican presidents, is a prime example of giovernment abusing its citizens… the kind of abuse that justifiably resulted in the Declaration of Independence… For when a government abandons its proper role of protecting citizens from outlaws and instead preys upon its citizens, it’s lost its authority.

    And there again is the rub: We the People are at fault for continuing to elect people to office who seek the power the office brings instead of the service the office was created for… *sigh*

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  25. irtexas44 says:

    Sorry I am still not a loving, careing, concerned, oh my, oh my person.

    If your are here illegally you are the one breaking our laws. Our laws are fine. I do want the 14th amendment fixed to get rid of the anchor babies. Also the one foot on the land and your home free changed.

    If this woman that was deported yesterday is such a good mother then why did she leave her son behind? The woman broke the law and came here the first time and was deported. What doesn’t anyone understand about that? She was deported and came back to have her baby here. False SS card to work here. And she sails on. We are susposed to feel sorry for her? SORRY. Does any of these libwits understand that she has broken the law? Many times?

    Look at the crimes that have been commented in just the last month by illegals. So we need to put up with this? I DON’T THINK SO. Our laws were fine until the Mexicans decided they were broken. Then go home. I watched a program over the weekend and the business’ in Mexico can’t get workers to pick their crops or process them. There are a lot of jobs there go home and help you own country.

    CNS News, on the left hand sidebar is “Liberal Politicians accused of distorting antiquota ballot initiative.”

    This was interesting. How the libs are trying to sneak around and change the ballots to make you think you are voting yes when you are actually voting no. The other one is just the oposite. It’s the way they are wording it. But it’s being done on the way low down. So voters will not know about it. Do yourself a favor take a look at it. This is only the first one caught. Who knows what going on in other states.

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  28. Stephen says:

    I understand that you’re upset she broke the law – and rightfully so. There is a legal process to come into this country. However, this legal process is flawed as is anything. The lines to get into this country are long, and those in extreme poverty do not have time to wait. Therefore, instead of waiting ten to twenty years, it’s understandable that they might go around it.

    The mother being deported while the son stays is not an act of bad motherhood, but an offer of opportunity for her son – seriously, how far do you think someone will get trying to start doing business in Mexico?

    It all looks worse than it is – we witnessed hysteria at the coming of the Irish, the Chinese, the Germans, the Italians, and now we’re freaking out at the coming of the *gasp* Mexicans. We’ve made it through all of them. In fact, they were major boosts to our economy. Let’s not forget, the man who founded US Steel was the son of a Scottish immigrant with similar conditions.

    On top of this, who are we going to get to do our low-paying jobs? Because no one else wants to do them.

  29. Big Dog says:

    Stephen, I thank you for your comment but I am afraid you are patently wrong. Those who came here that you mentioned came here legally and we allowed them to become citizens (except the Chinese interestingly enough). There were quotas and we actually arrested those who came here ILLEGALLY.

    It is unfortunate that poverty reigns in their country but that is not for us to fix. It is for them to fix. They can start by getting rid of the corrupt people who are keeping them in poverty. I understand that there are poor people in America but I would not excuse one who robbed a bank to eat just because he was poor any more than I will excuse her for breaking a number of laws. We cry about identity theft and then say it is OK for them to use fake SS numbers or someone else’s identification.

    They are not here to assimilate and they do not (for the most part) want to be citizens because they are sending money home and do not want to be a part of AMERICAN culture.

    The do not do jobs Americans will not do, they do them for less money than Americans are willing to work for. We can start by getting people off welfare and putting them to work. We can use the criminals in jail as labor for the states. We can use people who come here legally.

    Read State of Emergency by Buchanan and you will understand the problems facing us.