President George W Bush came to this debate ready to launch. He was strong, resolute and firm in his answers. John Kerry spent much of the debate defending one or another of his many positions. He went so far as to bring up VP Dick Cheney’s daughter by name and talk about her being a lesbian. I thought after the retard poster and the Reeve wheelchair comments they could not get lower but the democrats have gone as low as you can get.

John Kerry showed that he was right to run on that 4 month Vietnam record because when confronted with his 20 year senatorial record he has to defend and backtrack. George Bush hit him with his record and kept landing body shots. Kerry still does not know what hit him.
Near the end he said some Native Americans gave him a blessing. You know they refer to him as Walking Eagle. That is a bird so full of Sh** that he can not fly.

I believe that Bush won this debate on style and substance. He did not stammer over his words, he sounded sure of his positions and he answered the questions. Kerry was aloof, and evaded some of the questions by talking off subject. In addition, Kerry recycled the talking points from the first 2 debates. To use his words, it was more of the same.

John Kerry might get another Purple Heart because he got injured tonight!

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