George Bush Strikes New Orleans, Again

Well, we all know that it was George Bush who gave New Orleans hurricane Katrina by making Karl Rove operate the weather machine. Kanye West told us that George Bush hated black people and the Democratic Party blamed Bush for the storm, the response, the clean-up, the levees, and any other thing that could have gone wrong. If this were the time of the Crucifixion I think the left would have blamed Bush for Jesus being nailed to the Cross.

Now a tornado has hit New Orleans and while most sane people might actually think this was an act of nature I have news for the uninformed. George W. Bush was responsible for that too. No, he did not have Rove crank up the weather machine, he put tornado magnets down there. Remember when FEMA moved all those trailers down there? That was really part of an evil plot by Bush to attract tornadoes because everyone knows that trailers are tornado magnets. That is what a divorce in Arkansas has in common with a tornado, either way someone is going to lose a trailer.

Anyway, Bush had FEMA put the tornado magnets there and viola, a tornado appeared. To make matters worse, the elderly lady who was killed WAS LIVING IN A FEMA TRAILER.

That George Bush. Is there nothing he won’t do to those poor people in New Orleans?


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3 Responses to “George Bush Strikes New Orleans, Again”

  1. TexasFred says:

    Dog, you ‘may’ be a lot closer to the truth than you know, in tornado country it’s fairly common knowledge that house trailers actually ARE tornado magnets, every time a tornado happens, a trailer park is in the cross hairs…

    On a similar topic, what do a divorce and a tornado in Arkansas have in common??

    Someone is gonna lose a house trailer…

    This comment brought to you by the fine folks at ‘Redneck Scientific Research Inc’…

  2. Laurie says:

    You might find this map amusing.

  3. Virginia says:

    lol, Bush was responsible for my cake falling in the oven today, when I had to turn the oven off and go pick up a sick child at school today. He gets blame for everything else , thought I would blame him for this too. lol. This makes about as much sense as Bush’s power to manufacture bad weather.