General Wesley Clark, Has Been, Loser

General Wesley Clark was on the tube tonight stumping for his man Kerry. He trumped in with the donk lines about Bush being responsible for the missing weapons. I guess that the donks think it will give the LIE more credibility if they bring a retired General in to say it was Bush’s fault.

Well let me say this about that. General Clark knows as much about the explosives as John Kerry and that is zip, zero, zilch, nada. They both have something in common with regard to this. Neither of them has been to that site. They were not there after the IAEA sealed the bunkers in Jan 03 and they were not there at any time from then until now. So, there is no way on God’s green Earth that either of these wanna be’s would know what was or was not there. It is all speculation on their parts and they are, of course, blaming it all on Bush. Kerry wants to be the Prez and Clark wanted to be the Prez and neither of them can tell the truth. They continually drone on the same donk talking points that are based upon a lie.

Of course, we do have real soldiers who were at that site. We have a few embedded reporters who were there. They are saying that they did not find the explosives when they arrived there in Apr 03. They admit that not all the bunkers were searched but they also state that they had control of all the roads in the area from that point on and it would have been impossible for a few dozen tractor trailers to move through the area unnoticed. It is interesting to note that Kerry and Clark are dismissing the statements of soldiers who were there and asking us to believe their account when they were never anywhere near there. I expect this sort of disrespect for the troops from Kerry because he has always held the military in contempt. After he used it to his advantage, to get some face time in a war for his political career, he came home and protested against our troops. He dishonored them and their families and he conspired with the enemy. Clark was a soldier. How dare that pompous ass come in here and discredit the troops on the ground. As I understand it, Clark is doing about the same thing he did in the military. Promote his own agenda to get ahead. Now he is doing to our troops what he did to the republican party, turning his back on them. Remember, this is the guy who agreed with Bush while he was in uniform. He gets out and has a chance to become president and all of the sudden Bush is all wrong. Before someone blows a gasket and tells me Clark was in the military, he had to say those things let me clear it up for you. No one in the military has to say anything. If you think the boss is all wrong you keep your mouth shut and do your job. Clark did not do that so he was probably sincere until of course the prize was waved in front of him by the Clintonistas.

We have had people from all over saying the explosives were not there. We have reports that the Soviets might have moved them for Iraq prior to the war. We know that they did not want us to find the explosives because they came from Russia in spite of the UN sanctions. Yes, the oil-for-food scandal is growing ever larger and we can see now that in addition to the Russians, there were weapons from France and Germany. I believe this will prove more accurate than the donks want to believe in the next few days. The pathetic thing is that none of this is being reported in the MSM. Why didn’t the MSM jump all over the Russian implications? Why have they not retracted what they wrote and said? We all know the answer. They are in bed with Kerry. They want him to win the election and they will stop at nothing to get him in. There are going to be a lot of upset so called journalists come Nov 3rd.

Side bar: I know Clark was talking badly about Kerry during the Primaries. Now he is walking around licking his boots. Clark wants Kerry to win because he wants to be the Secretary of Defense. Mark my words, if Kerry puts up his shadow cabinet after announcing victory (no matter what the results show) he will name Clark as the SECDEF. God help up if we ever have those two pansies running the show.

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