WBAL radio in Baltimore is reporting that General Kiley from Walter Reed has been asked to retire. This story is developing and I don’t have any links or specifics. Will post them when they are available.

UPDATE: Fox News has the story.
UPDATE 2: ABC News indicates he was forced out.

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  1. Rosemary says:

    Yes, I heard on the radio he was fired. They are saying he resigned, but that is not the truth. To be honest, I’m not upset at all. More heads should roll for treating our Military the way they have been. You know they have to pay for their own way home once they get off the base if they are in the Guard??? This has been a burr underneath my butt for a long time. Thanks for the news.

  2. Big Dog says:

    Not sure they have to pay. The military has to get you back to where you started. In case of the Guard it might be a state respnsibility, but they have to get you back.

    I am OK with heads rolling if the people were the problem. Walter Reed is under BRAC and when that happens you are not allowed to spend money on anything (except emergency or necessary maintenance like water/electrical). The major issue here is the amount of time and paperwork that it takes to get things done.

    That is a shame but that is how the government works. This is your government health care so look closely because this is what the Dems want to give you. It needs to be streamlined but it will not happen over night.

    I know the guy who is going to go take care of the troops. I am going to lunch with him tomorrow. He will be a good fit there because he cares for the troops.

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