General Discharge?

The General who was in charge of the MP Brigade responsible for the abuses at Abu Ghraib has been reduced in rank from General to Colonel. This effectively ends her career but she is crying about the whole thing.

General Karpinski (Krypinski) was reduced in grade because she failed to report an arrest for shoplifting on her security clearance papers. She reports that there was a misunderstanding and that she was cleared of the charges. However, she failed to report it. She is saying that the Army had nothing about Abu Ghraib to use against her so they trumped this up to get her. So this former General thinks they had nothing to get her on?

How about this Colonel. You were in charge of the soldiers who were charged with abusing prisoners. They were yours and you were responsible for them. Perhaps you were in a PX shopping or something but you should have been on the ground watching what was going on. Several of your soldiers have received jail time for their participation (some that might have been at the hands of other agencies) and you are responsible. A leader is responsible for what happens under her command. You ma;am, had untrained soldiers doing a hard and dangerous job. You ma’am, allowed these abuses to take place by not being proactive. You ma’am, failed to provide training, leadership, and oversight.

You ma’am, were reduced in rank and will leave the service. You will draw a retirement if you are entitled and you will go back to whatever it was you did before you dishonored the service. Those soldiers who you and your leadership failed are in prison. They were reduced in rank to private. They forfeited all pay and allowances. They will receive a dishonorable discharge. They will have a criminal record. They will not be eligible for any veteran’s benefits. And you have the nerve to cry about a reduction in grade and being effectively booted out of the service.

You should be in jail with your soldiers for failing in your two primary responsibilities: Mission accomplishment and welfare of your troops. You failed miserably at both and you are walking around relatively unscathed. Hell, you will probably write a book and make a fortune from NOW and other women’s lib groups that will cry about how you were treated unfairly because you are a woman. No ma’am, you were reduced in grade because you failed to ensure your soldiers had the training, leadership, and oversight to do a professional job. They failed because you failed them.

So stop crying and be thankful you are not behind bars where you belong.

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