Gay Supporters Mock Religion In Opposing Prop 8 Results

A group of actors has put together a 3 minute video that mocks religion and the religious right (but they did not mock the black community that overwhelmingly voted for Proposition 8!) for its opposition to homosexual marriage. The video features Jack Black as Jesus Christ and he seems fine with homosexuality by using the tired argument that the Bible calls shellfish an abomination and restricts eating it.

It is a clever little video but it distorts why Prop 8 was defeated and it distorts religious views. The voters of California voted for Prop 8 and it was passed. Not everyone who voted for it is a religious Zealot. Many people in the black community voted against it because they oppose gay marriage. I am sure that many of them are religious people but if religion was their major motivation they would never have voted for Barack Obama since he believes in murdering innocent children. They were selective in their votes in that they voted for Obama despite his anti religious history (his church and his stance on abortion and babies born after failed abortions) and they voted for Prop 8 because they feel marriage should be between a man and a woman. These are suppositions on my part but certainly they make as much sense as assuming religious zealots defeated Prop 8 (and are probably pretty accurate).

Jack Black Jesus listens as the religious right explains that the Bible says homosexuality is an abomination. He then produces shrimp cocktail and says that this shrimp is an abomination as the fanatics salivate over it. The New Testament and Jesus Christ removed the restrictions on food placed in Leviticus and other texts of the Old Testament. This has been shown in a number of discussions on the Bible though I believe devout Jews still live under the rules of the OT (they are not Christians). Many of the restrictions placed in the OT (on Jews) were removed and we live under the new law established when Jesus died for our sins. The New Testament does, however, state that homosexuality is wrong. As my friend Kat so eloquently and clearly explains:

“The shrimp restriction was part of the ceremonial/purity laws which were designed to make a very clear and distinct difference between the Jews and the Gentiles. Those laws were to point up the holiness God required, as well as the fact that – since no one could meet those standards – they needed a Savior.

The prohibition against homosexuality (found most clearly in the NT in the last verses of Romans 1) is not just for ceremonial purity, but also because it is against God’s design of and plan for the use of our bodies. Therefore, comparing the abomination of shrimp and homosexuality is a bit like apples and oranges”

The other thing to consider is that a lot of people who oppose homosexual marriage are not very religious people. They oppose it for personal reasons like homosexuality is unnatural. It was classified as a mental disorder in an earlier version of the DSM but was removed after fierce lobbying by the homosexual community. The purpose of a man and woman getting together is to procreate. We are designed to work together in order to repopulate the species or we will perish. Engaging in an activity that will eventually cause the demise a species (or a part of it) is unnatural and not mentally sound. The plumbing is different for a reason. If God (or nature for the secularists) wanted men to have sex with men and women to have sex with women then these combinations would be able to reproduce.

For you Darwinists, survival of the fittest means that a man and a woman have to get together to reproduce (in order to survive a species has to reproduce). Those who engage in acts that prevent it are, by Darwin’s definition, not the fittest.

The reality is, the Proposition passed and the gay community did not like that so they are causing problems. The gays have an agenda and they want to push it through no matter what. They are not happy with the rule of law or the will of the majority unless that will aligns with their beliefs.

I have received several emails and I have read at different sites a few words that Obama supporters have written to conservatives who are unhappy with the Obama win and I will use those words for the gay community in California (and across the country for that matter).

Get over it.

As an aside, the gay community supported Obama/Biden and they are not in favor of gay marriage. The gays voted for the ticket even though that ticket opposes what the gays want. Now, for some reason, we are supposed to understand their position when they voted in a manner that was against their best interests. To be sure, McCain/Palin were no different on that issue.

In any event, the gay community does itself no good when it attacks the religious community and conservatives in this manner. No more Mr. Nice Gay might be their theme but the blowback (I had to use that term) might not be to their liking. Funny how when a person attacks homosexuality he is a homophobe but when homosexuals attack their opponents they are just activists standing up for their “rights”.

Perhaps instead of putting on a rendition of Brokeback Shoutin’ they could accept the loss and move on.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have some shrimp salad to finish…

Bushwack has an interesting point of view

Big Dog

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6 Responses to “Gay Supporters Mock Religion In Opposing Prop 8 Results”

  1. I should be accustomed to it by now, but I am constantly amazed at how we are told that we need to be more tolerant, but those same critics will not tolerate our points of view. Don’t they see they hypocrisy in their own statements. I assume they don’t, maybe they do and they just don’t care. I find that conservatives in general are the tolerant ones; just because I disagree with a point of view and I think it is abhorrent, doesn’t mean that we can’t be civil. “can’t we all just get along”

  2. Robert says:

    We are the tolerant ones, we don’t give a damn if they are gay or not. They can be full on Village People Gay for all we care, just leave OUR traditions alone. we gave the fruitcakes “Same Sex Unions” which grant the same benefits as far as the state is concerned, as marriage. SO why is “Marriage” necessary? So they can take the next step, that step involves “Normalizing” deviant sexual behavior, and calling it “natural” and requiring Churches to perform a marriage NOT recognized by GOD. That will create WAY more problems than these little piss ant protests by faggots…

  3. Barbara says:

    All I can say is I wouldn’t want to be standing in their shoes when they stand before the Lord. You don’t get away with mocking Him.

  4. Savanna says:

    Look, I am a Christian. I believe in God and I believe he died for me. But let me ask you this. If God loves us so much and he “knows everything” then why do gay people exist? I know that sin was born into this world and man caused it. I just don’t understand why God would punish someone for loving someone of the same gender. What do you say to this? I have a friend who believes he is not saved because he has gay feelings. He is active in church, prays daily and is one of the most awesome, caring friends I’ve ever met. I asked him how it all began and he said that he had his first gay feeling at the age of 8. His father took him to the men’s room in a public resteraunt and that’s how it started. He never dated anyone because he knew it was wrong. It consumed him day and night. He tried so hard to be what you preach. His family even sat him down in a circle and “prayed his gayness away”. He is so confused and afraid to be himself that it caused him his sanity. I just don’t understand how a loving god like our god could punish someone like jim for feeling that way. He is such a good person. He tries so hard but he’s still not in his own skin. I also almost lost my uncle to this same kind of problem. He went to church and was told it was immoraly wrong to be a gay and that gays would burn in hell. We found him not to long after he started going to church with an empty pill bottle on his bed in a coma. People like you make me ashamed to be a Christian. I will always love everyone just as Jesus loved us. It is HIS place to deal with his children. Not yours. These are good people. People who love as you and I do. There is nothing wrong with that in my book.

    • Big Dog says:

      That is like asking why God allows children to die or get cancer.

      The fact is, I have nothing against gay people I just think their behavior is a sin.

      However, I don’t think they should be allowed to marry. Marriage is between one man and one woman and has been for thousands of years.

  5. Seeking the truth says:

    Big Dog,
    Humbly, I must say that I believe your interpretation of Romans 1 is incorrect. Paul is speaking of temple prostitution and orgies in worshiping the goddess Diana. That passage in no way refers to a loving same-sex relationship. I’ve earnestly studied the scriptures commonly used to denounce homosexuality, including I Cor and Timothy, they are not at all about loving, same-sex relationships. When studying scripture, it’s important to study it from the standpoint of the original language it was written in, the culture surrounding the people it was written to, the context surrounding the passage and the purpose for which it was written by the inspired author. Thanks for reading. Peace.