Gathering of Eagles Update

The Gathering of Eagles rally was held in DC yesterday to counter the Communists of the various anti-war groups who vowed to create civil disturbances in order to get their points across. The were able to do just that because more than 160 of them were arrested for disobeying the law, as if this is a surprise.

First things first. I arrived on Friday and met up with Kat from Cathouse Chat and Wild Bill from Passionate America. We enjoyed a good talk and I felt as if I had known them forever. Kat is absolutely lovely and quite charming. Bill is as humorous in person as on his blog and is a very pleasant person. I met Justin from Right on the Right on Saturday and I also spoke with Kit Lange from GOE and Euphoric Reality. I was fortunate enough to meet Michelle Malkin and Congressman Duncan Hunter. I also got to spend the weekend with my brother. We don’t get to spend a lot of time together so it was good to be able to do so.

The Eagles arrived and had a huge rally. I do not know ho many were present but we were a sea of American Flags and the patriotism was thick in the air. After our rally we lined the protest route of the bad guys and were able to exercise our free speech rights when they passed. They were misbehaved and had vile signs that insulted the armed forces and the President. There were a lot of them and I noticed that more than half looked like 14 or 15 year old kids. Some of them tried to reach across the barriers and act tough but the police, who did a stellar job, removed them and made them get back in the march.

After they went by we met up at the Capitol where the bad guys got unruly. The police had a huge presence and they did not want anyone crossing the barriers. The GOE folks were well behaved and did not cross the barriers. The bad guys, on the other hand, began crossing and were arrested. They kept up the pressure until more police arrived and things got uglier.

I heard that one of our guys got into some altercation with one of theirs and the bad guy jumped on the GOE member and bit him. Then, the bad guy was beaten pretty good. The GOE members present restored order by breaking them apart and getting them away from each other. Not long after that the police arrived and the bad guy jumped his target again and received another beating until the police pulled them apart. Names were taken but no one was arrested. I was not present but I received this story from several folks who were there.

The bad guys vowed to stay there all night and taunted the police by asking if they would be able to stick it out. Seems like the police were unaffected as they kept taking more of the moonbats into custody. I am not aware of any of our folks being arrested, unlike the folks who want the President arrested and impeached because they say he broke the law.

During their assault on the Capitol I walked through the crowd listening to them and watching them. It was interesting to see all the signs with slogans from the 60s (drop acid not bombs) and to realize that many aged hippies were living vicariously through their children. The smell of marijuana in their crowd gave credence to the idea that the apple does not fall far from the tree. I also noticed that those who had been so tough when they were protected by barricades and the police became timid and displayed no such toughness even though I was vastly outnumbered. It as interesting to speak with some of them as two humans without the animosity. A few of us have more in common than we do not and people can be civil when removed from the mentality of the mob which makes me wonder why they run with a group that hates America so much. I wonder if some even know how vile the groups are, especially the one young man who thanked me for my service. He would do much better to find a way to voice his opposition without hanging with people who are dedicated to our defeat.

I also spoke with the police and thanked them for their work. All of them appreciated that and indicated that they never have problems with our group but that the other folks (the bad guys) were vile and always caused problems. It was obvious that the police respect us.

The day was good and we accomplished our mission. I am sad to see that the other side cannot conduct itself in accordance with the law but I am not surprised.

Big Dog

UPDATE: This post includes a link to a story that has been updated and now indicates there were more than 180 arrests.

Update 2: I committed a terrible error and did not mention that I also ran into Skye at the Gathering. I do not know how I could forget to mention such a charming and beautiful young lady. Sorry love!.

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40 Responses to “Gathering of Eagles Update”

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  2. irtexas44 says:

    I didn’t get to see much but I was very proud to see how great our side looked and were respected by the PD. As far as the dark side I didn’t expect them to be honorable to anything anyway. I did see on the news one young woman that didn’t remember the script. She had no idea what she was talking about and sounded really stupid.

    Great job everyone.

  3. Kat says:

    Aw, Big Dog, thank you so much! I had such and awesome time, and it was wonderful meeting my blog brothers. I’m going to swing by Arlington Cemetery today on my way home, and pray over it for a while: giving thanks to God for these heroes and praying for the safety of our living heroes will be a great honor for me.

    I’ve got all my still photos up at my Flickr site – – and am hoping that I can convert my video when I get home. I’ll let the WAR list know, and set something up on Google Video or YouTube ASAP.

    Best blessings, brother, and many hugz!

    — Kat

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  6. At the GOE of March 17, there were fewer moonbats. I guess they don’t like cold weather. We Eagles greatly outnumbered the moonbats that day.

    Still, the Sheehan crowd got a bit unruly on March 17 (rocking portapotties, as one example). But not nearly as unruly as yesterday.

    Wish I could have been downtown yesterday to join the patriots. **sigh**

  7. Robert says:

    Well done BD, I remember the last “Gathering” and this sounds very familiar, I hear there were less eagles in the area this time but represented well.

    As long as there are folks like you in opposition of the Anti-American crowd, the story is not one sided. Again thanks for going.

  8. HoosierArmyMom says:

    Thanks for the excellent report on the happenings this weekend in DC Big Dog. It sounds like it’s “mission accomplished” with the honor and dignity that all patriot Americans can appreciate. Thanks to all who stood for us and our troops in Washington this weekend.

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  24. Skye says:

    Great review of the day. When I first heard about the biting incident, I honestly thought it was a joke!

    I did hear from two independent sources that the moonbats started a ‘soup kitchen’ handing out food and a yellow sign for anyone showing up.

  25. Patsy says:

    Congratulations on a successful mission, Big Dog! I am proud of you and all at GOE! And I want to thank you again for your service to our great nation. You deserve to be thanked, again and again and again, for the rest of your life, as do all the brave men who have fought to preserve our freedom!

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  28. Billy Joe says:

    so did any of the GOE people decide to do something heroic, like enlist to go fight their favorite war or did they limit their heroism to vaseline patrol at the monuments?

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  31. Big Dog says:

    Look Dumb ass, I have explained this before but I will type it slowly for you. Most of the people in the GOE are VETERANS. Now, in case you do not know it, veteran means that you have served in the armed forces. A lot of these guys were in Vietnam and the first Gulf war.

    They have already enlisted and served proudly and honorably.

    I realize that the only reason to visit here is to insult people. You continue to use the word vaseline and insult these veterans and then ask if they did anything heroic. You act as if what they do is unimportant when you should be asking what kind of low-life scum sucking faggot would destroy these kinds of things and act this way especially in his own country? Suppose I decided that I wanted to protest your annoyance by spray painting the word dumb ass all over your house? Would that be OK or would you expect the police to do something and would you maybe get some security or cameras if it happened over and over or was threatened to happen over and over?

    Well pal, this is country is MY house and I do not want people who have no social graces walking around destroying it. Just imagine how the moonbats would act if some veteran destroyed a monument to the Kent State dead or spray painted Code Pink Headquarters…

    Our veterans have done more heroic things than you can ever imagine or that you would ever be man enough to do. I will tell you that they did not do anything cowardly like deface PUBLIC property and they did not break the law by trespassing and they were not sitting there smoking dope on the Capitol lawn. Any news story you read describes the GOE as the peaceful counter protesters.

    I am writing this only once, do not come here and insult veterans again. You enlist, you serve, and you defend this country so that pukes (like you)are allowed to have an opinion and then you will be allowed to talk about these veterans. Since you do not have the testicular fortitude to do this, keep you opinions about vets to yourself. DO NOT make this mistake again.

    That is the first and only time I will tell you that.

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    A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention, updated throughout the day…so check back often…

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  34. Maureen says:

    My husband and I attended the GOE’s on the Mall and on Pennsylvania Ave. I must say, I have never heard so much filth coming out of kids’ mouths as I did on Saturday. I was told to do so many things I had never heard before. It certainly extended my vocabulary!
    I must agree about the ages of the so called ‘protesters”. So many looked liked they were still in high school. I asked some of the little girls how they would feel about wearing a burka since they were dressed in a typical teenaged way. They all looked at me like I had two heads and asked what a burka was. The crowd was so in your face, rude, angry, and just ignorant of facts. My husband and another guy were talking to a slightly older “protester” and were actually getting his attention to the reality of the Jihad when another “protester” pulled the guy away.
    All in all, it was a great experience.

  35. Big Dog says:

    You are correct, they were vile. Interestingly, when you spoke to them one on one some were actually polite….

    Thanks to all who commented here, even BT. If not for people like him we would forget what sanity is.

  36. Billy Joe says:


    It’s horrible that the language of the young protestors was filthy. Conservatives should set an example with their own, better, more educated, Christ-like language. Not this: “low-life scum sucking faggot”, which was found in BD’s comment above. It’s not just BD though, it’s all over the conservative blogosphere and it should be fought vigorously in the name of good manners and proper, Christian upbringing. Otherwise, we’ll sound self-righteous, and rightly so. Of course, we could all talk like that and stop making a big deal about it, too.


    So in other words, there wasn’t a huge surge of enlistment, was there? Was there ANY enlistment going on there? I didn’t see any photos of people who had just signed up and if it was happening, I can be sure an ‘Eagle’ would have plastered the photo on their blog. The new enlistee would have been the right-wing hero of the day for sure. As it is, many of the photos were of Eagles who were, if I may channel Ann Coulter for a moment, probably too fat to fight. How are those chubby people going to stop an Islamofascist anything? I suppose they could ‘roll’ to victory ;-) Is that where the term ‘Rolling Thunder” comes from? Did the Eagles even march or did they just lean their heft on the barriers and watch everything?

    Some but not all GOE people are veterans, right? It’s a perfectly legitimate question to ask why they aren’t off fighting their favorite war. You may have noticed in the news yesterday that the military has to look for more contractors because logistics soldiers in Iraq are having to go on patrol due to troops shortages. You know what BD? If the US military can’t scrape up enough troops in a country of 300,000,000 people to keep a 180,000 person occupation going, then we’re not on a true war footing, are we? Sounds like an issue the Commander-in-Chief should address instead of attempting to sweep it under the carpet. Certainly the military has a need for more warriors as illustrated by their increasingly desperate attempts to get recruits. I suggested Wild Bill could join and stop begging for handouts as a result of the signing bonus, but he was already dishonorably discharged once (and, if I remember the Wall Street Journal article about him correctly, he also has a burglary conviction), so it might require other pro-war cheerleaders to step up to the plate.

    I saw in Kat’s photos some dude at the GOE event wearing a shirt saying he’s ‘fighting the insurgency at home’, whatever that’s supposed to mean. I interpret that as meaning he’s not very serious about fighting what wingnuts consider to be the struggle of our time, the “Long War” against Islamofascism.

    About the memorial, we’ve been thru it. You don’t know who actually defaced it. You used your questionable logic to lay responsibility at the feet of ‘moonbats’, without any evidence whatsoever. I can, and did, make an equally questionable case that it was a Karl Rove wannabe, roly-poly conservative, who is also probably too fat to fight. Is it wrong to deface it? Yes. Why don’t we let the police take care of it? I just think it’s funny that the GOE people are ready to roll on memorial defacers but there doesn’t seem to be any popular GOE groundswell to actually go fight the real war, the one they talk so tough about.

    Are you going to ban me for pointing out the obvious?

  37. Big Dog says:

    Once again, Billy Troll fails to grasp the concept. Maureen said she never heard such filth coming out of KID’S mouths. I and not a kid and am probably more than 3 times the age of those kids who were there. Those children should show some respect to adults but the left is not about respect. As for what I say, that is my right. When those kids can vote, join the service, and not be subject to curfew then they can talk to me like that. You see, the children have rights but they can be taken away by parents (if they had decent ones). My rights cannot be taken by my parents.

    I also note that more than a few of these kids called me some vile names when there was a barrier but when we were ont he Capitol lawn and I approached these little cretins they walked the other way.

    Perhaps I am not making it clear BT, most of these folks served before you were born. Many of us are retired and a lot of the supporters have served and are too old to serve again. We DID OUR PART. Sure some of the folks are overweight but that happens when you get older but they can still fight as several moonbats found out.

    Our turn is done (though I would not mind going if they recall me). We have 1.2 million people in the armed forces. We can pull them out of South Korea and Europe. Most of the services are meeting recruiting goals and there were plenty of guys at the rally who were home and going back or injured and could not. There are blue and gold star families. Not everyone who supports the war should go fight it. Many mothers were there in support for the effort and for their children fighting. What kind of idiot would say to send them over? You would…

    However, I am willing to bet just about any of the guys you made fun of because of their weight could kick your ass from one end of town to the other. I weigh more than I should and more than I did when I served but if you ever want to see if I can still fight let me know. Or pick one of the old guys there and see if you can take him. I bet you get slapped like a red headed step child. You are good at insulting people who served honorably and yet you excuse the people who can not have a peaceful demonstration. The police in DC hate the anti war people because they make a mess and destroy things. They hate them because they cause trouble. Every cop I asked gave a similar response, they hate them.

    You act as if these people are just spouting for war and have never been there or served their time.

    I also told you that no one on the right would do such a thing but that if it turned out that way I would apologize. We can wait until they find who did it but until we do I am sticking with my opinion that a moonbat did it.

    The obvious you speak of is not obvious to anyone else. There is plenty of groundswell and many of these folks would go. Maybe you don’t understand that they are not qualified any longer. Disabled, war injured, too old, etc. Some of them fought in wars while you were in your daddy’s scrotum.

    There would be no need for all this if the left could obey the law and demonstrate peacefully. THEY CANNOT. Nearly 200 were arrested on Saturday. None of ours were. So much for the Rove wannabes. We do not deface property that is not ours and we do not go around breaking laws.

    You ask when these people are going to go fight the war. I ask when all you cowardly liberals are going to go fight for the freedoms you enjoy at the expense of others.

  38. Billy Joe says:

    You said:

    “The police in DC hate the anti war people because they make a mess and destroy things.”

    Look at Kat’s pictures again. There’s trash strewn all over the area where the Eagle’s stage was. If they had more respect, would they not have thrown their trash in a trash can?

    You’re good at making excuses for the warmongers. I guess GOE is mostly a gathering of old folks and that the young war supporters who are not enlisted didn’t bother to show up then?

    do you use the phrase “scum sucking faggot” around your mom? did you not use these words until you were 18 years old? Get off your high horse. You know damn well that some kids actually DO talk like that, as did you, probably. If Christian adults, like you, say such things, it’s probably safe to assume their kids say it also.

    So I guess I was correct that the GOE people didn’t march, they mostly just heckled the anti-war protestors and then moseyed on over to the stage that the GOE organizers set up? That’s what I thought.

  39. Big Dog says:

    My mother is dead so no I don’t use that language around her. You fail to see the reality. Yes, I know kids use foul language as did I when i was a teen. But, I never used it around or directed it toward an adult.

    The GOE cleaned up their area when the event was over. It was very windy and stuff was blowing all over the place but we picked up our mess and put it in trash cans. You cannot draw a conclusion based upon a snapshot of one period of time.

    We had quite a few people. We are a group that has older people but we have some younger ones. Many of the folks there have children fighting in the war.

    We were at the stage in the morning for the rally, then we lined the route of the bad guys and then we walked down to the Capitol. At the end they ended up back at the staging area. We were only permitted for those areas. We stayed in our permitted area and followed the law. Violating their permit is why those others got arrested (they trespassed).