GagDad Bob Gibbs Gets It Totally Wrong

In the White House press conference on 4 May, Robert Gibbs lit into Wendell Goler of FOX News when Goler started to ask a question about the comparisons of the oil spill to Katrina. Goler had not finished the question when GagDad Bob stopped him and said that FOX had former FEMA Director Michael Brown on and that Brown said the oil spill was deliberate and that the assertion came with little push back form the interviewer (Neil Cavuto). Here is what GagDad Bob had to say:

“Your network put on the former FEMA director to make an accusation that the well had been purposely set off in order to change an offshore drilling decision.” Breitbart (video)

This is demonstrably false. Gibbs told a huge lie when he said this because brown did not say it. He said the regime was playing politics with the oil spill and using it to retreat from its earlier commitment to allow more offshore drilling. Brown also discussed the path of the oil and that it might flow up the east coast and this is what they wanted to push their anti drilling agenda. Brown argues that Obama was slow to respond because of his dislike for big oil.

At no time did Brown say that the well had been purposely set off. Gibbs just flat out lied.

We do know that the response was not as crisp as Obama led people to believe and it was not in keeping with his campaign rhetoric when he bashed Bush for the response to Katrina. Since 1994 there has been a plan in place (established during Clinton) to respond to an oil spill in the Gulf. That plan called for the placement of fire booms and ignition of the oil. Experts claim that if this had been done (in other words, if they had followed the plan) the scope of the spill would be much smaller.

The problem is that there were no fire booms at the coast. There were none preplaced and the Coast Guard did not have them. The government had to call the company in Illinois and have the only one in stock sent and then had the company call South American countries to see if we could borrow some.

Those booms have obviously been missing for some time and no one expects any president to know if they are there or not. It is not like they inventory all the stuff when they take office. This is why other people are in charge of these kinds of things. The person responsible for this response plan did not do his job. And because of that, the response was not in accordance with the plan and no, Obama did not respond or engage immediately. If his regime were involved from the start they might have noticed that the plan was not being followed and asked why. They might have also found out the booms were not available much earlier than the nine or so days it took to make that little discovery.

The Coast Guard Commander is also to blame for this. She indicated that she had everything she needed to accomplish her mission. Since her agency is the first responder and is responsible for these kinds of spills one would assume she would follow the plan and would know about the fire boom situation. In any event, she did not have everything she needed to do her job.

From all this we can see that while one can disagree with Brown on the reasons he gave for the delay, one cannot dispute his assertion that there was a delay (a delay in following the plan and a delay in response from the regime). It is also painfully obvious that Gibbs lied when he said Brown accused the regime of deliberately setting the well off.

It appears to have been an accident (though one wonders why Obama sent SWAT Teams out) but it is possible that it was deliberate. If it was I do not believe that anyone in the US had anything to do with it. If it was deliberate then it was probably an act committed by our enemies. A small submarine could have caused the damage and maybe that is why Obama sent SWAT Teams out. Perhaps he wanted them to look for any indications of foul play and to asses other rigs for security. No matter what, I do not believe that he or his regime had anything to do with it and it will likely be concluded that it was a freak accident.

A convenient accident (and one that the liberals wanted to see to validate their beliefs) but an accident nonetheless.

But Gibbs has thin skin as do most in the regime. He concocted a story because he is not tough enough to take a hard question and answer it. He just had to demonize FOX but he did it with a LIE.

I don’t recall any concern over the state run media and the way it treated George W Bush. How many state run media shows had guests on who claimed that Bush knew about 9/11 and that it was an inside job? How many guests on those shows claimed that the Bush administration imploded those buildings?

As for a comparison to Katrina, there would be one if what Gibbs claimed was true. You see, the state run media had guests who claimed that George Bush blew up the levees in New Orleans because he hates black people. How many people defended Bush when Kanye West, the moron singer, claimed Bush hated black people (while Kanye was asking Americans to be generous and donate to help those folks)?

This regime is full of sissies who have thin skin and it starts at the top with the regime leader Obama. They have a hard time with criticism and they act like they are being treated unfairly.

Just ask yourself, if Bush (or any Republican) would have gotten as many passes as Obama has. What would the state run media be saying about Bush if he were president now and there were no fire booms?

We all know the answer and yet, the state run media is strangely silent when it comes to their boss Barry.

Saul Alinsky would be proud of this regime and of GagDad Bob Gibbs. The only thing is, when Alinsky wrote his book there was no Internet where people could instantly debunk the Socialist community agitators that he inspired.

UPDATE: Brown said that they were making it a political issue. Looks like he was correct.

Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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10 Responses to “GagDad Bob Gibbs Gets It Totally Wrong”

  1. Bunny Colvin says:

    Dog- I read the Cavuto interview transcript. For once, you are correct. He never said anything about his suspicions about the oil rig explosion being deliberate on Cavuto. But he did raise his suspicions on CNN (I saw it) and maybe MSNBC as well. It’s quite a conspiracy theory. Rush the Drug Abuser has even picked it up.

    Why is Michael Brown brought on ANY network to talk about ANYTHING? (Other than maybe Arabian horse trading). The guy is a loser.


    • Big Dog says:

      Limbaugh said he did not think it was deliberate but was curious as to whether the regime thought there was an attack after Obama ordered SWAT teams to the oil rigs.

      RUSH: No, no, no. (laughing) In the first place, he has not listened to this program nor read the transcripts. I didn’t assign any sabotage on this until the regime sent SWAT teams in there — and I never accused the administration of blowing up the rig. I said it appears the regime may be open to some sort of attack. Had I said ecoterrorism there wouldn’t have been any question here but I don’t think in those terms. I just think Senate bill blew it up and they send SWAT teams? The regime is sending SWAT teams? “Even the regime,” I said, “must be open to the idea that this was not an accident and they’re looking into it.” All of a sudden now it is I, El Rushbo, claiming that wackos blew it up on purpose, when in fact a bunch of wacko let’s have on the radio are saying, “God is a Democrat” for blowing up the oil well because this will prevent future oil wells — and, by the way, Chris, you are damn right


    • Big Dog says:

      So Bunny, you bring up something interesting. If CNN and possible MSNBC had Brown on and he did raise suspicions about deliberate destruction, why did Gibbs go after FOX where no such assertion was made? Why didn’t he vent his childish, thin skinned, response on one or both of those networks?

      It makes one wonder if the assertion was the problem or if the network was the problem. If the first then he vented in the wrong place and if the second then the assertion did not matter and he just wanted to make false claims about FOX.

      In other words, he did to FOX what he accused Brown of doing to the regime. He asserted something that is not true to push an agenda.

  2. Bunny Colvin says:

    Good question. I agree that Gibbs should have questioned why any network would have Brown on to comment on the spill. I got a good chuckle out of Cavutos response- that Brown is an “expert on mismanaging crises.” Or something like that. Hilarious.

    Yes, Gibbs was wrong to single out FauxNews. It might surprise you, but I do believe that Democrats make mistakes too- like Drill Baby Drill.


  3. Bunny Colvin says:

    Oh Dog, a question. I was watching the Factor last night and Dick the toesucker Morris was on. He used that term you censor here in a reference to the tea partiers. You know [Anderson Cooper]. He didn’t seem to be using it in a slanderous way, just as a descriptor.

    Anyway, Bill0 didn’t correct him. Nor did he tell him not to use such vile terminology on his show. As the network of the tea party movement, shouldn’t somebody over there tell Morris to shape up?

    And another thing. Over at AndRightlySo, BigF@g has some pics from a recent tea party he went to. There, in plain view of his camera, was this hideous woman with a sign that said (among other things) “I am a [Anderson Cooper]”. Seems the other folks in your make believe revolution like the term. What in the wide world of sports is goin on here?


  4. Big Dog says:

    Well Bunny, I don’t run FOX and I don’t tell people what they can put on their signs. I run THIS site so I get to say what goes up here. There are a number of things that are said in other places that I do not allow here.

    Here is how it works, I don’t believe I have the right to tell others how they do things and they don’t have the right to tell me how to do things. I know plenty of people on the right who do not own a gun but they (unlike lefties) would never tell me that I can’t own one.

    What Bill O does on his show is his business.

    The make believe revolution will take place in November. Like I said, you are not bright enough to get it right and mischaracterize what I said but that is OK.

    In November you will see.

    Explain why you have to distort people’s names and insult them. Big Foot is not what you wrote. Do you feel a need to insult others to make yourself feel better.

    And you claim not to be childish.

    • Blake says:

      I too have wondered about this- perhaps some subliminated, repressed inferiority complex?
      Many on the left seem to have this problem, not to mention a grossly distorted and out of control unwarranted ego.
      “For only a nickel a day, you can adopt this progressive, and use him as a pit bull training tool, if you only send this money to the Barack Obama/ Michael Vick training center.”

      • Blake says:

        And don’t worry folks, you would actually have to be alive for this to matter, and we all know that progressives have no life-

  5. Bunny Colvin says:

    Flake- please don’t quit your day job. Your comedy career is going nowhere fast.

    Dog- I can’t seem to understand why your people call themselves [Shep Smith]. I thought it was a derogatory term? Of course, now that the co-founder of the Family Research Council has been outted as a [Shep Smith] (literally!), I guess maybe you folks are more comfortable with the term.

    Viva la Revolucion!


    • Big Dog says:

      I guess it is like when a black guy uses the N word. It is OK then.

      You keep distorting things.

      I grew tired of you very quickly last time. I am getting there much faster now.

      I imagine by Sunday you will be a memory around here.