Funny, There Were Buses For The New Orleans Election

Welfare Ray Nagin won reelection New Orleans proving that people that live there are idiots who like to be governed by one of their own. Nagin completely botched the evacuation prior to Katrina leaving thousands behind while leaving hundreds of buses on a parking lot. Interestingly, a city that could not bus folks out prior to the disaster was able to bus them in from as far away as Houston and Atlanta so that they could vote. I noted before that Nagin could get them on buses for election he should have been able to get them on buses to evacuate. His entitlement mentality made him demand Greyhound buses when he had 500 school buses and the people of that crap hole of a city put him back in charge because they are mostly believers entitlement to government services.

I do not think that Mitch Landrieu would have been a great mayor. He is from a long line of politicians and just about everybody in his family sucks at the government teat. The elite Democrats saving the world one liberal at a time. I do believe though, Welfare Ray showed he was not a leader and that Landrieu should have won and been given a chance to provide leadership. Instead, people who would not leave the city found a way back and a mayor who would not bus them out found a way to bus them in.

I made the statement before that I would no longer contribute to anything that was for New Orleans. I was very generous with my donations to the victims of hurricane Katrina but I decided that I would no longer donate when Welfare Ray went on a rant about America needing to step it up, despite the government giving them $250 billion of TAXPAYER money. I will not donate to them and I would rather see them bulldoze the place over and start fresh someplace else.

I am even more convinced that no more money should go to New Orleans. They are not bright enough to use it wisely. They reelected Welfare Ray which tells me they are content being lead by a moron and are willing to put up with all the corruption that led to the problems in the first place.

As a side note, all the moonbats who keep telling us the response to Katrina was a disaster and Bush hates black people and that we should have swooped in to save them, you can all shut up now. I made the point that we flew thousands of dangerous missions to save people Welfare Ray abandoned. You proof is in the election yesterday. He got them on buses to come in and vote, he could have gotten them on buses to get out of the city. Instead of leading, he was hiding like a little coward and when hurricane season hits this year, New Orleans will be in the same mess.

I say screw them and Welfare Ray. All my charity is going to causes that are worth it and where people will appreciate it. Perhaps I will send it to the other states that were affected by Katrina. You don’t hear much about them because they had real leaders in charge.

Source 1: MSNBC
Source 2: Access North Georgia

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One Response to “Funny, There Were Buses For The New Orleans Election”

  1. Wild Thing says:

    BIG DOG I agree with you 100%. I don’t like either one, Nagin nor Landrieu but I was hoping they would vote for Landrieu just to make a statement that they knew how badly Nagin messed up and what a failure he is.

    At the beginning of the race I was naive enough to think a Republican might even gain favor since the dems certainly have dropped the ball.