Full Clinton Press in Iowa

Hillary Clinton might have stated that she does not need celebrity endorsement to win but it has not stopped her from picking it up and at the most opportune times. It is as if the endorsements are timed to counter something big about her opponents. B. Hussein Obama has picked up the endorsement of Oprah Winfrey and that is a big endorsement. Winfrey is a very popular woman whose opinions carry a lot of weight. Winfrey is making three appearances this weekend in support of Obama and this has the Clinton camp in a tizzy.

Hillary has pulled out the stops and has hubby Bill running around spreading lies all over. He is criticizing the media for its portrayal of his wife and he is rewriting history with regard to his support for the war. He has start power and he is trying to use it to beat back the Obama/Oprah assault. Now Hillary has brought in her daughter Chelsea who has not yet campaigned for mom. I saw the picture of Chelsea and I have to say she is a lot cuter than she was as a teen but no matter how she has changed she has no where near the start power of Winfrey. There is no way that her presence is going to cause a hiccup in the Obama/Oprah express. It is kind of unfair to bring Chelsea in at this time when there is not a damned thing she can do.

I wonder why Babs Streisand did not show up. That would have been a more logical choice than Chelsea though Oprah has much more star power than a yenta whose time has come and gone. Maybe Babs did not want to be in an uncomfortable position among the Clinton crime family seeing as how she slept with Bill (which Hillary is quite aware of).

If people are not going to show up in support because they had sex with Bill then it is going to be a lonely campaign trail.

New York Times

As an aside, take a look at the amount of food on Hillary’s plate. No wonder her hips are getting farther away from center. If she keeps eating like that she will be able to cover Iowa and never have to move.

Big Dog

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